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Garden decorations — 100 photos of unusual decorative design ideas

Everyone strives to create maximum comfort and coziness in their home. Beautifully and neatly decorated housing helps to create a good mood. But not only the house needs decorative elements, but also the plot near it, especially the garden.

To decorate a private garden or a suburban plot, large financial expenses are not required. If you have the desire and imagination, you can make interesting crafts for the garden yourself from improvised means. Such decorations will give a general atmosphere of brightness and originality.

There are no women who do not like flowers, so decorating plots with various flower beds has been popular for centuries. But if you add a little creativity to the bored flower beds, and build flower beds in their place, your garden will change dramatically.

To do this, there is no need to buy rare plants or spend huge sums on exclusive designer decor items. It will be enough to conduct an audit in the attic or in the back room and collect old junk.

As an original outdoor flowerpot, you can use old furniture, dishes, and other utensils. You can arrange a flower garden in any container in which you can pour the earth. In an old korite, a wooden cart or a barrel, a large perforated pot, and even in a worn-out shoe, you can plant your favorite flowers.

Materials for creativity are everywhere. A flower garden made of an old log or a stump will look very original. They can be placed on stands constructed of gnarled branches. If the size of the plot allows, the flower bed can be placed in an old rusty bed. Such a decorative element will not leave anyone indifferent.

For those people who are not ready for such drastic changes, it is recommended to create a beautiful landscape design using standard flower beds, but with an original fence. For fencing, it is better to choose a natural material or similar to it: boards, chocks, natural or artificial stone.

You can create edging from any convenient material. If the plot is decorated in a rural style, a miniature fence for a flowerbed of intertwined branches will look harmoniously.

Do not rush to throw away the remnants of building materials, they can be used for the construction of edging. Both the material and the shape completely depends only on the designer's imagination. But do not forget that they should harmoniously fit into the overall style of the infield.

Decorating the pond

The presence of a reservoir on the site is always a plus. The traditional and most popular way to beat a pond is to install waterfalls, fountains, and create a stream. The noise of the water, watching its flow fascinates and calms a person.

If you are lucky and there is a natural stream flowing in your yard, you can equip several waterfalls at the same time. This effect is achieved by creating artificial rapids in the stream. In the absence of a natural stream, you can create an artificial reservoir using water supply systems.

Fountains look very impressive against the background of the garden. And with the help of special nozzles, you can build whole compositions of fountains in your own yard. After all, the beating jets of clean water give the general atmosphere a certain sophistication.

Another technique for decorating a pond is illumination. For this purpose, two types of lamps are used – underwater or floating. This decor has a very spectacular look in the evening.

In specialized stores there are different types of illuminators for reservoirs. The price of such sets starts from one and a half thousand rubles.

When arranging a pond or fountain, you can also use additional decorative elements. Depending on the style in which the entire landscape is designed, figurines and statuettes are installed. When choosing them, it is necessary to remember that the final result should look as natural as possible.

Wood decor

Decorative garden elements made of wood have been popular for many years. This is explained by the cheapness and convenience of the main material. But it is worth remembering that wooden street structures require additional care. They must be treated with specialized means to protect them from moisture, cracks and fungal damage.

Garden structures made of wood are conventionally divided into two groups. The first category includes those that are used only for decoration, the second – functional items.

The decor of the suburban area with functional objects provides for the presence of gazebos, benches, bridges. Such household items will be used daily. Products that are used as flower beds, various statues, are exclusively decor and belong to the second group.

Wooden products are more often used in a rustic style. They harmoniously fit into the landscape of a country plot with a house built of wood. In the photo of ornaments for a garden made of wood, wooden wells are often seen. Such an element will add a touch of nationality. You can install not only an active well, but also a decorative one.

Stone Garden Decorations

Recently, the use of stones in landscape design has become increasingly popular. This natural material harmoniously looks not even processed. This trend has come to our latitudes from the east. Japanese sages equip gardens with stones, because this material is a symbol of natural power, the passage of time.

But it is quite difficult to fully follow Japanese culture, and not necessarily. Suburban areas and courtyards in our country are equipped with some analogues of alpine slides, stone gardens, as well as ordinary paths and fences.

But how to decorate a plot of a private house without having the skills of a designer? Using stones, it will be quite simple, because even a small slide with flowers strewn with gravel can radically change the atmosphere.

You can also purchase special plates, or statues, which only need to be placed in a certain place. Such statues are made of granite, and more expensive versions are made of marble.

Using small pebbles, they equip dry streams, pedestrian paths through a shallow pond. It is not difficult for residents of mountainous regions to get the material for free. And the rest will need to pay from five thousand rubles per ton of stone. There are more than enough firms in our country that sell building materials and stone.

Photos of garden decorations