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Garden decor: the best ideas for the design of the plot. 130 photos of decoration options

Each owner wants the territory of his country house to stand out. A special garden decor will help to make it unique. It is thanks to its use that a country estate becomes not only a place for agricultural work, but also a platform for rest and relaxation.

Hedges and fences are the hallmark of any country house, because they play an important role in forming the impression of the suburban area as a whole. Usually the fence is a solid wall of concrete, brick or chain-link mesh.

To decorate an unsightly fence, you can use one of the following options:

Landscaping. Along the perimeter of the fence, you can install trellis structures and plant ampel plants – grapes, clematis, roses. You can attach boxes or pots to a fence made of wood and plant flowers there.

Wire ornaments. For a fence made of mesh, you can choose some extraordinary coloring. You can also consider a chain link as a base for a kind of embroidery, and aluminum wire will serve as threads.

Photos of garden decor clearly show that the ornament can be located along the entire fence or occupy only some part of it, and abstract or geometric figures and floral compositions can act as a drawing.

Forged, carved and painted elements. The fence design may include small flowers, droplets or leaves carved from wood or metal. Finished forged products are on sale in any gardening store.

In addition, it is easy to paint the fence, depicting entire paintings on it. If you are not confident in your artistic abilities, then you can do with simpler drawings – polka dots, stripes, flowers.

Making an alpine slide

The decor of the plot of a private house is most often represented by a variety of flower beds and Alpine slides, including. Making an alpine slide on your own is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

  • First, we decide on the place where we will equip the slide. It is best if it is a large lawn – any elevation will look harmonious on it.
  • Then we remove the upper part of the ground (up to 10 cm) and form the base of the slide.
  • We take the central part under the flowerbed. To do this, we install a suitable barrel in the ground. Its bottom can be laid with large stones for greater stability.
  • Then we start making the slide itself. To create a hill, we use boulders and stones. Gravel and pebbles of different fractions will serve as an excellent addition.
  • In the cracks between the stones, we fill up the earth. We choose the soil mixture for these purposes based on the plants that we plan to plant.
  • We plant the plants in early spring. After the flowering period ends, some plants need to be dug up and moved to the barn. Some species can overwinter in the open ground.
  • Speaking of succulents, the favorites of landscape stylists, they should be cleaned for the winter together with pots or carefully wrapped with a thick plastic wrap so that they do not freeze.

Decorative house

This kind of garden decor made of wood, like intricate houses, is most often used to hide any technical structures (ventilation outlet from the basement, cranes, etc.).

It is not difficult to make such an element of landscape design with your own hands:

  • To make the frame of the structure, we use a wooden beam with a cross-sectional area of 2 * 2 cm. For reliability and strength of the structure, we strengthen the corners with corners made of galvanized steel.
  • As a covering, we use wooden boards or sheets of chipboard.
  • To ensure that the decorative building gets inside, we hang the door on metal hinges. Windows decorated with rack-and-pinion bindings will promote air exchange.
  • The roofing material can be very different – metal tiles, plywood, faced with slate, etc.
  • The exterior decoration of the house includes the treatment of the walls with special mixtures that protect the wood from moisture, and their coloring.

Such a house is easily mounted. You just need to cover an object that needs disguise with it.

Creating an artificial pond

Undoubtedly, such a garden plot decor as a small pond or pond will most vividly decorate your dacha.

A man-made water source is being created using the following technology:

  • The first step is to dig a pit of a suitable size. If a ready-made container is used for the reservoir, then the shape and volume of the recess must meet it. In the opposite situation, the parameters of the pit can be any – it all depends on your preferences.
  • Then the water supply and sanitation system is installed by supplying the necessary pipes. This process is recommended to be carried out at the initial stage of the arrangement of the garden territory, so as not to lay pipes through broken flower beds and beds later.
  • Next comes the design of the bowl of the reservoir. This may be the installation of a polymer container. Also, the bowl can be made of concrete. In this case, the use of special waterproofing membranes and the decoration of the sides with stones or ceramic tiles is required.
  • We plant near-water vegetation along the shores of the reservoir. In it, you can plant water lilies, pods or water lilies. A decorative bridge, walkways or a small fountain will wonderfully complement the resulting picture.

We give tires a second life

Old tires are a unique material from which you can make a variety of garden decorations. This decor will perfectly decorate a flower bed or pond.

The tires that have served their time can be painted in different tones and put on top of each other – as a result, a wonderful multi-level flower garden will turn out. A pyramidal flowerbed will also look great. To do this, you need to take tires of different sizes and stack them one on top of the other, starting with a larger diameter tire.

Also, garden design can include original furniture products made from tires. The upholstery of such headsets can be leather, fabric or wire, any style.

An unusual variation of the decor of the cottage will be tracks from the tread of tires. The protectors are attached with nails to wooden boards, which, in turn, are pressed into the pre-moistened soil.

Country decor is an essential attribute of any country house. It can be either bought in a specialized store or made by yourself. We hope that this article has helped you decide on the right decorations for your site.

Photos of garden decor