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Front garden — beautiful hedges and their use in landscape design (115 photos)

Any hostess of a cottage, a small private house or a cottage will strive to decorate the territory that surrounds her possessions. A special role is assigned to the front garden, the adjacent territory, which is located directly between the facade and the fence, which is in full view of everyone, being the "face" of the house.

Therefore, the question almost always arises: "How to make a beautiful and original front garden that will attract the eyes, transform and complement the overall appearance of the estate?" Let's try to understand all the nuances.

First you need to decide how you would like to decorate the house territory, to understand your tastes and preferences. You can study photos of various design options for front gardens in front of the house and find a decor that you will use as a sample in the future.

All front gardens, according to the degree of openness, are divided into two types: open and closed. From the name of the first it is clear that with this type, the space adjacent to the building will be clearly visible both from the roadway and from the porch.

In this case, the house territory does not have a fence, the role of the front garden is performed by a neatly trimmed lawn with a path leading to the entrance to the house, with flower beds and flower beds located on it.

The second option assumes the presence of a fence. The area around the buildings is surrounded by a hedge or fence. If you want privacy on your site, then you can install a high brick or stone fence that will reliably protect you from prying eyes.

If, on the contrary, you want to view the street from the yard without any problems and you are not confused by extraneous views, choose small fences, with slots and holes, wooden or, for example, forged.

The front garden in front of the house can be decorated in different styles: romantic, oriental, classic, rustic, etc. It all depends on the wishes and preferences of the owners. The main rule is to ensure a combination of a kindergarten with the style of a house, other buildings and zones on the land.

The buildings built in the classical style will have a great house territory in the spirit of minimalism, with paths laid with paving slabs, flower beds and flower beds of strict geometric shapes.

The design of the front garden in the Asian style will assume the presence of dim perennial plants, low coniferous trees in combination with stunted shrubs. For this type of decoration, a prerequisite is the presence of elements such as unprocessed pieces of rocks, natural stones.

In order for romance to be in the air in front of your house, build garden, picturesque arches with curly, delicate plants, numerous narrow winding gravel paths. Flowers in such a front garden should be bright, and at the same time gentle. Lush peonies, charming asters, dahlias, roses will look great here.

The rural, rustic style is characterized by carelessness, it will suit both urban buildings and small country houses. Such a place will be distinguished by unpretentious plants, mainly perennial, a wicker fence or a picket fence.

Choosing a fence

The general appearance of the house territory largely depends on the chosen fence, which, in addition to the protective, also performs a decorative function.

Currently, there are a lot of options for fences, in all this diversity it is not difficult to find a fence that will perfectly fit into the overall picture, will correspond to the general style of decoration, both at home and the territory around it.

The classic option is a fence for a front garden made of a wooden picket fence. It can be of different sizes, with holes between the structural elements, or without them, of various colors and shades. The wooden fence will be relevant at all times, its main advantages are environmental friendliness, accessibility and a wide variety of forms of finished structures.

If metal grilles are installed on the window openings in your house, then the arrangement of the same forged front garden will be an excellent idea. An openwork fence with a similar pattern or pattern will visually form a whole picture, a single ensemble.

Fences made of metal are very durable, with professional forging they can become gorgeous works of art.

Brick and concrete fences are also very durable and reliable. If they are combined with the facade of the house, you can opt for these two types.

You can also fence the front garden with a stone fence. This material lies under your feet, so it is considered the most affordable. With the help of stones, you can create an unusual, interesting fence without spending a lot of money on it.

Finally, it is possible to use a chain-link mesh, it is an inexpensive and easy-to-install material. Some people are confused by its simple, ordinary, unpresentable appearance, but by planting climbing plants along it, you can get a charming, beautiful hedge.

A properly selected fence will surely decorate your possessions, give them a holistic, organic, finished look.

Additional ways of decorating

The design of the front garden, in addition to beautiful hedges, paths and flower beds, can be supplemented with various sculptures, artificial reservoirs, fountains, original flowerpots, decorative exotic plants, alpine slides, borders, etc.

Small shrubs can be embellished with special scissors, giving them the correct geometric shape. Such a composition of, for example, spherical, square or cone-shaped plants will give the territory originality and sophistication.

The main thing is not to overdo it, overloading the territory with the same type of elements will lead to a loss of attractiveness of the general appearance of the site.

Plants in the front garden are selected carefully, it is necessary to take into account their flowering period, height, color. Do not forget to take into account that it will take a lot of free time to care for plants, so if you do not have it, choose plants that do not require constant monitoring and caring for them.

Having correctly selected flowers, various decorative elements in the front garden, you will turn it into a fabulous, picturesque place that will delight not only you, but also passers-by.

It is not necessary to invest a lot of money in this and resort to the help of professionals, it is not so difficult to design a beautiful front garden with your own hands, it is enough to understand all the nuances, connect your imagination and start acting.

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