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Forged fences — variants of beautiful designs and designs of metal fences (95 photos)

Among the most reliable and beautiful ways to protect private property in a suburban area, forged gates and a gate stand out favorably. A durable and expensive accessory marks the boundaries of a private territory, landscape design experts consider it universal. This good fence is suitable not only for any site, but also for the territory adjacent to institutions, city parks.

A unique fence is created using a variety of forged elements: you will not find such a structure anywhere else.

Fences for the site can be very different, which option to choose depends only on your preferences and wishes. There are people who like structures made of lightweight materials, but most prefer forged fences. The popularity of the latter is easy to explain if you know all their advantages:

Ensuring the security of the territory. With the function of protecting the site, the structures do an excellent job, the personal property of the owners who put metal fences is safe.

Good performance characteristics. High-strength products made of high-quality metal can serve their owners for centuries. In order to extend the service life as much as possible, an anticorrosive coating is applied to the parts.

Aesthetics. In terms of the attractiveness of the appearance, forged fences are not inferior to analogues made of other materials. Experienced craftsmen make massive structures that combine high technical characteristics and unique design.

Simple care. It is not difficult to take care of a fence with a gate, they need to be painted 1 time in 5 years, and the defects that have appeared can be easily eliminated without replacing the fence completely.

A rich assortment. Modern manufacturers offer customers a large selection of ready-made designs, it is also possible to make products to order according to an individual project.

Metal fences also have disadvantages, but there are not so many of them in comparison with the advantages:

  • Products made by craftsmen are quite expensive by hand, and not everyone can afford such an acquisition. You can give preference to ready-made models from major Russian manufacturers, which are sold on the market at a reasonable price.
  • Some do not dare to install carved fences, because they are "transparent", and passers-by can freely observe what is happening in the yard. Those for whom privacy with privacy is important should pay attention to the hopeless metal structures.

Useful advice! If you make a high foundation for a wrought-iron fence, then you can protect the owners of private properties from prying eyes.

How metal structures are made

Forged fences are made by craftsmen using several technologies, the choice of which depends on the cost of the product and its design. There are the following types of metal structures:

Welded models. These are budget options where the connection of individual elements is carried out by welding. The products do not belong to unique works of art, but they have proven themselves well as reliable and durable fencing for suburban areas.

Designs of traditional forging. Artistic forging is a laborious manual work, such products cannot be cheap. Each element is made by the master separately, he first red-heats the metal, then with the help of a heavy hammer knocks out the "necessary" shape, and finally heats the individual parts to connect them together.

Useful advice! It takes a lot of time for the master to make a fence, as a result, the customer receives a unique design that emphasizes his social status. You will have to pay dearly for exclusive work, but it's worth it.

Forged-welded models. Fences from this category are considered the most popular, the designs combine the advantages of the two methods described above.

A beautiful fence for a private house is assembled from ready-made rods, strips and corners, first the elements are given the desired shape, and then they are connected. Thanks to the use of the described technique, the production process is accelerated, but the appearance of the structure loses at the same time.

What can be the design of a metal fence?

The workshop offers different sketches of forged fences, their choice is simply huge, but if the right model was not here, you can always place an individual order. When you have your own ideas and sketches, you need to share them with the master to whom you are going to entrust the execution of artistic forging.

Forged fences , taking into account their design design and purpose , are divided into the following varieties:

Protective structures. Decorative elements are practically not used, it is important that the strength of the products is high enough. The price of such a fence is affordable, it is considered a budget option with an elegant appearance.

Decorative models. Low products perfectly cope with the decorative function, they can be used to fence off the garden from the house territory, and structures are not used to protect private possessions.

Combined options. Forged fences for the house are reliable protection of private property and original design. Such models are mainly chosen by owners of country houses who spend a lot of time in the country.

Installation of a metal fence

Forged products can only be made by a real master with a lot of experience, so you should not learn forging just because you want to protect your site with a unique design. It is better to buy ready-made elements with sections, but almost anyone can put them together and install them. Sequence of installation steps:

Preparation of the foundation. The marking of the territory that is planned to be fenced is carried out, the places where the support pillars will be located are marked, calculations are made as to exactly how many sections will be needed. This stage involves drawing an exact plan of the future structure, so that in the future it will be easy to attach sections to the supports.

Installation of supports and laying of the foundation. In accordance with the drawn plan, supports are installed, the task of which is to "hold" the metal structure.

At this stage, pour the Foundation, fixing the columns is carried out with the help of a mortgage or formwork and without it. Established pillars reinforce the special elements of the fastener to ensure the metal additional strength.

Installation of sections. At this stage, the fence is assembled from the finished sections, they are "hung" on the fasteners, the sections can be welded to the supports.

Finishing finish. Look at the photo of the wrought-iron fence upon completion of all types of finishing works. After installation, the junction of the sections is treated with a primer, and the support pillars are equipped with caps so that precipitation does not accumulate inside.

Metal parts are degreased with a solvent and treated with a special agent that prevents the appearance of corrosion. After that, painting is done, this task can be completed in a matter of hours if you use a spray gun.

Photos of forged fences