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Flowerbeds made of brick — how to beautifully fold with your own hands? 115 photos and design tips

Beautiful flower beds always attract the admiring glances of the surrounding people. To decorate the surface, you can use any natural and improvised materials. The brick is considered the most reliable. This stone can have different shades, textured surface and different size.

Making a flowerbed of bricks with your own hands is quite simple. It is absolutely not necessary to have special skills of laying this material. A good imagination and a little patience help to create a beautiful flower garden in your backyard.

The use of brick as a fence allows you to create an exquisite look for any flower bed. Before proceeding with the design, it is necessary to determine the type of structure.

Brick is great for decoration:

  • multilevel construction;
  • for the excretory zone;
  • flower bed fencing;

The shape of the flower bed can have different diameters and heights. It depends on your preference. Most often, a round flower garden can be found on the suburban area. It is located in the center of garden design.

The best varieties are planted here, which are designed to become a decoration of the site. To do this , use:

  • roses;
  • ampel begonias;
  • fluffy chrysanthemums;
  • hydrangeas.

Experienced designers choose multi-level brick structures. The upper layers are occupied by stunted plants. The lower sections are intended for volumetric varieties of decorative rocks.

Visually increase the area of the suburban area, helps the curb of brickwork. To do this, you will need a crushed stone. This will give the garden a certain mystery and romance. In such a flowerbed, you can plant low shrubs that complement the composition of landscape design.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of this design are:

  • beautiful appearance;
  • ideal zoning of the garden space;
  • low cost of consumables;
  • stylish design;
  • protection from the growth of weeds.

The main disadvantage of such a flower garden is its permanent location in the same place. To disassemble such a flowerbed, it is necessary to make great efforts.

Recommendations for creating a flower garden

The initial stage of any construction is the preparation of all available materials and tools:

  • shovel;
  • roulette;
  • pegs;
  • twine or tight rope;
  • a small hammer;

Before you start the workflow, you need to determine the location of the future flower bed. It is important to comply with the main requirements here:

Good sunlight. Most plants prefer a sunny place. This contributes to their active growth and normal well-being.

Shady areas of the garden negatively affect the development of flower crops. As a result, all metabolic processes inside the plant slow down. The inflorescences lose their color, the leaves turn light green.

Great review. Flowerbeds made of bricks in the country are a kind of highlight. Agree that the three-dimensional structure is perfectly combined with a perfectly flat lawn.

Do not forget about the contents of the flower garden. Bright types of flower crops will fit perfectly here. The surface of such a structure can be decorated with a decorative stone.

In addition to the location of the flower garden, it is important to consider the shape of the future building. She can be:

  • round (island). Quite often, such a structure is located in the center of the site. The contents are presented in the form of annuals or spreading shrubs;
  • square. It is located on the edges of the recreation area;
  • rectangular. Such a flower garden is a long rabatka, which is located on two sides of the patio. Such a structure visually increases the site several times;
  • multi-stage. This variety can be found in a small area. A cascade of plants helps to decorate the garden design.

When all the nuances are met, you can proceed to the workflow.

Stages of creating a flower bed

It will not be difficult to make a beautiful flower bed of bricks. The low cost of materials makes such a structure accessible to every amateur gardener. To work, you will need:

  • brick;
  • cement mortar;
  • fishing line;
  • wooden pegs.

As an additional decoration, you can use small stones, coarse sand, fragments of colored glass.

Creating a flowerbed includes:

  • marking of the territory. Here it is necessary to fix wooden pegs that reflect the shape of the future structure;
  • preparation of the foundation. To do this, you need to dig a hole 40 cm deep. A layer of pebbles with sand is laid on the bottom;
  • then pour the concrete mortar. This will give the future construction good stability. The contents of the pit are left until completely dry;
  • then proceed to the process of laying stone elements;

When the masonry is completely dry, the finished flowerbeds are covered with an earthen mixture. The ratio of sand and the base layer should not exceed the ratio of 1:2. This composition will ensure oxygen saturation of the inner contents of the stone pot.In order for the soil to settle quickly, it is watered for two days.

After that, you can start planting the planting material. The finished flower garden must be thoroughly watered with water.

To release unnecessary moisture in the side of the building, small holes are made with a construction drill. This will avoid the processes of rotting of the soil coma.

Recommendations of experienced gardeners

Before choosing a form for a flower bed, several factors must be taken into account:

  • the size of the site on which the structure will be located. For a small area, it is best to choose an island or rectangular shape of a flower garden;
  • a variety of plants. Tall plant species do not always look in harmony with the surrounding environment. Compact crops can add brightness to the design of your garden;
  • construction height;
  • the illumination of the place where the flower garden will be placed.

Another kind of flowerbed in modern design is presented in the form of an alpine slide. This design represents a smooth transition from the topmost point to the bottom layer.

For this purpose, creeping and stunted plant species are used. Experienced gardeners recommend choosing seasonal crops that perfectly complement each other. The photo of a flower bed made of bricks shows the best design ideas that will not leave anyone indifferent.

One of the types of flowerbeds is a regular flowerbed. The essence of such a flower garden is that the plants that are planted bloom in one period. Thanks to this, you can see the drawing conceived by the designer. If you use such flowerbeds, then it is worth mentioning the importance of its organization. All plants should be arranged in the form of regular geometric shapes with a clear pattern. Such flower beds are complete compositions.

Photo of flower beds made of brick

Watch the video: flower bed made of brick

Flower beds made of brick photo

Flower beds made of brick photo

Flower beds made of brick photo

Flower beds made of brick photo

Flower beds made of brick photo

Flower beds made of brick photo

Flower beds made of brick photo

Flower beds made of brick photo

Flower beds made of brick photo

Flower beds made of brick photo