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Flowerbed of bottles: 130 photos of examples of the design of the site using plastic and glass containers

Any flower bed can become a bright decoration of a country house or a suburban area. But only if it is beautifully decorated. For the decoration of landscape design, almost all improvised means are suitable. You can make flower beds from plastic bottles. Moreover, the material will decorate the old wall, will become an indispensable fence of the flowerbed.

Modern designers use bottles to make hanging planters. The main thing is to determine in advance which version of the flower garden you like the most and choose the manufacturing technology.

In landscape design , there are three directions for creating rockeries:

  • In the Japanese style — the so-called rock garden, with a minimum number of plants or no plants at all. The stones are selected in contrast in size and even in color.
  • Rockery in the English style — arranged with a predominance of green non—flowering plants - stunted conifers, dwarf shrubs, numerous slow-growing cereals.
  • The European style of rockery creation implies the predominance of decorative flowering plants of perennials.

Flowerbed of bottles: 130 photos

Flowerbed of bottles: 130 photos

Flowerbed of bottles: 130 photos

Watch the video: Beds and flower beds made of empty plastic bottles

There are a large number of features of plastic containers. The main advantage of the material is an affordable price. Today, most people buy sugary drinks, carbonated water and household cleaning products in plastic containers. And it's no secret that consumers throw containers in the trash.

What can not be said about creative personalities, they got the hang of using recyclables in the design of suburban areas, without spending money.

In general, plastic bottles are universal, they are used for the border of flower beds, in the construction of small fences, for seedlings and decoration of a suburban plot. The roots of perennial flowers planted in plastic vases grow only within the specified limits.

The fence made of PVC material retains moisture, the soil does not dry out for a long time. If for some reason the fence is damaged - just change the deformed part. Thanks to the curb, you can easily divide the plot into zones: allocate a place for planting crops and create paths.


If plastic products are not thrown away, but used usefully, then our habitat will become much cleaner, especially since even when PVC is disposed of in nature, it has been decaying for more than 50 years.

Bottles are easy to cut into pieces, the material adheres well and looks beautiful when painted in different shades. And do not think that the containers are unstable, with the help of sand or water inside the fence will stand for a long time without changing its appearance. In our article there is a selection of photos of flower beds from bottles.

We decorate the flower bed with plastic bottles with our own hands

How to decorate a flower bed? The most elementary way to design a flower garden is to fence a plot for planting plants. The bottles dug into the ground will not only become a beautiful decor, but will also prevent the washing out of the soil.

You can use the container in its original form or paint it. Bright enamel will help with the implementation of any idea. Surely everyone has seen that the bottom of the bottle has the shape of a flower, if you fill it with acrylic paint, you will get a chamomile.

To make the flowerbed last longer, pour water into the bottle or pour sand. You need to dig the container neck down.

If the container is filled with water, the sun's rays will sparkle with shiny bunnies. A monochrome or multicolored border is your business in any case, a garden bed to decorate the entire suburban area.

The use of plastic bottles for fences

A 1.5 l container is ideal for a curb. It is better to select bottles of the same shape. If you use different containers, then it is better to alternate them so that the flower garden has a neat appearance. A flowerbed of glass bottles looks good. They are less safe, but thanks to the factory colors, the material will not have to be painted.

Bottle flower beds themselves look good, you can add a little aesthetics by cutting flowers out of plastic and decorating the fence. Flower beds are created in different shapes: round, oval, rectangular, any at your discretion.

Vertical design

Such an idea is very simple, even a novice gardener can cope with it. Prepare the material: peel off the labels, wash and dry. It has already been discussed that sand is poured into bottles for durability. After the preparatory work, the details are placed on the borders of the flowerbed.

It is necessary to dig in the elements reliably so that they do not fall if they are accidentally hooked. Do not allow cracks to appear between the containers. The installation is not complicated, and the result will surprise you.

Placing bottles horizontally

This option is difficult and time-consuming, but believe me it's worth it. Step–by-step plan for creating a flowerbed:

  • prepare the base — it can be a metal barrel cut in half or tires laid out in a stack, choose the size at your discretion;
  • wash and dry the bottles, fold them close to the future design;
  • prepare a cement mortar with sand in accordance with 2 : 1 it will help to fasten the parts;
  • start the process from the bottom, fixing the bottle necks, note that the entire future design depends on how you lay out the first row;
  • there is nothing complicated, but responsibly;
  • wait for some time for the solution to catch, otherwise you will have to start all over again;
  • if you see that the top layer does not look neat, then decorate it with any improvised means, for example, moss or cones;
  • hide the flaws when there is soil inside;
  • prepare the filler for the flowerbed in advance, which needs to be poured out in layers.

Let's take a closer look at the layers for the flowerbed. The lower part usually acts as drainage. Small stones, expanded clay, and remnants of bricks are suitable for it. Only then can the earth be filled in.

Make sure that the pot was without a bottom. If there is water in it constantly, then the roots of plants will rot. On the other hand, a flowerbed with a bottom can be moved around the yard. Drill holes in advance so that excess moisture does not stagnate.

It is not necessary to create a flower garden of vertical or horizontal shape. With the help of bottles, you can lay out patterns and pictures.

The images look according to the principle of embroidery schemes. Now you know that you do not need to throw away PVC containers, but on the contrary. Collect bottles of different colors and sizes, they will be useful in the summer at the dacha. Connect your imagination and come up with new ideas.

It's not so difficult to make a flowerbed of bottles with your own hands. Moreover, the process is interesting and fascinating without unnecessary expenses. Surprise your loved ones and friends create a flower bed that will attract the eyes. Good luck! Do not doubt your own abilities, everything will work out.

Photo flower beds made of bottles

Flowerbed of bottles: 130 photos

Flowerbed of bottles: 130 photos

Flowerbed of bottles: 130 photos

Flowerbed of bottles: 130 photos

Flowerbed of bottles: 130 photos

Flowerbed of bottles: 130 photos

Flowerbed of bottles: 130 photos