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Flower pots — design ideas for indoor and garden plants (65 photos)

Homemade flowers create a unique atmosphere of comfort in any home. In addition, plants purify the air and act as a wonderful decor. In order for the green pet to please you with its blooming appearance, it needs to be taken care of.

Timely watering, a convenient location in the room and, of course, the very container in which the plant develops. You can choose a good planter in a flower pot shop or make it yourself.

When looking for a container for planting a flower, do not forget the main thing that you choose a house for it. And how much the plant will feel comfortable depends on your decision. At first glance, there is nothing complicated, but looking at the variety of flower pots offered by stores, it is easy to make a mistake when choosing.

The size of the container is the diameter and height, these are the main parameters that you should pay attention to. There are no difficulties with this issue – the larger the plant, the more spacious the bowl is needed.

When transplanting a formed plant, you need to remember that the size of the new bowl should be 2-3 centimeters larger than the old one. The new pot should contain the root of the flower completely, drainage and substrate.

Do not save money and do not buy a very large flower pot for a small sprout, so to speak, for growth, because many house plants do not feel comfortable in a free space. And some specimens bloom exclusively in tight containers.

The shape of a pot for home flowers directly depends on the root system. Narrow and tall — for flowers with a long root, for example, various palm trees or cacti. Wide – for a system of roots of the mochkovat type and branched roots, such as geraniums or chrysanthemums.

If it is not possible to purchase an individual container, then the standard option (a combination of diameter and height) is quite acceptable.

Materials. As you can see in the photo of flower pots, floral shops offer a huge variety of materials from which pots are made:

Clay or ceramics

If there is no such hole in the container for growing indoor flowers, it can be made with a drill, 3-4 holes will be quite enough for an average pot.

On sale you can find a huge variety of decorative bowls without a hole in the bottom, they are called planters.

Usually, planters are used as a decoration, choosing it in the color of certain elements of the interior, and an ordinary pot with a plant planted in it is installed inside.

Choosing planters

As everyone already knows, the plant is not planted in pots, for this reason there are only two rules for choosing pots:

Size. This parameter directly depends on the dimensions of the container in which the flower grows. Accordingly, the planters should be larger and accommodate a bowl with a plant.

Material. Here you can let your imagination fly: the variety of shades, textures and shapes is simply amazing, or maybe you decide to make it yourself.

A planter can be not only a decorative element, but also a fairly practical thing. If the air temperature is high in the room, the excess irrigation water evaporates by itself, thereby increasing the humidity of the air.Planters can serve as a stable base for large-sized plants.

Flower pots as decor

Choosing a flower pot or a planter, you need to take into account a number of aspects of the design of the room. After all, such a trifle as a container for a flower can bring a zest to the interior design, and breaking out of the general concept of "cutting the eye". To make a decorative planter or flower pot match the design of the room, follow a few rules:

Bowls for home plants should not be out of the style of the room design. For example, the laconic design of the bowl will be a wonderful addition to the interior in a minimalist style or in Japanese. The bright colors of the planters will perfectly fit into the Mediterranean style of the interior, as well as into the nursery.

The color of the flower containers should be combined or contrasted with textiles or other accessories decorating the room. The most ideal solution is a white flower pot, this option will perfectly complement the interior of any style and direction, so to speak, an immortal classic.

Although a white pot can be unique due to its creative shape and unusual texture.

In the case when the flowers in the room are located in one specific place, for example, on a shelf or windowsill, the colors of the pots should be combined with each other. The bowls can be of the same size and shape. If there are plants of different sizes in the room, you can use pots of different sizes, but the same color scheme.

Using plants for room decor, it is worth considering hanging pots or free-standing planters. This option will perfectly fit into the interior of small rooms.

High-tech planters

The dream of forgetful and constantly busy flower growers is flower bowls with automatic watering. Using such a system, you can not worry about a green pet when going on vacation, and the possibility of both an overabundance of watering and a shortage is simply excluded.

The principle of operation is as follows: two tanks are inserted into one another, in the smaller of which a flower is planted. The wall spacing of the tanks is filled with water, which flows through the bottom to the root system. Such watering can be applied only to adult plants, since their root system is developed and fills a significant part of the pot.

The roots of a young flower are located near the surface and will not be able to eat enough moisture, it is better to water them the old-fashioned way.

An unusual flower pot made with your own hands will be an unusual addition to your interior design. But if it can be difficult to make a pot yourself, then decorating an unremarkable planter will bring great pleasure. Decorate the finished bowls with the help of various techniques:

  • Decoupage. Planters decorated with decoupage technique with old newspapers or photos, vintage flowers will perfectly fit into the interior, made in retro style;
  • Mosaic technique. Shells, sea pebbles, multicolored glasses are used as mosaics;
  • Planters decorated with macrame, knitted patterns or warm cashmere will add a cozy touch to the decoration of the room;

The theme of the decor and the material can be any, as long as the finished product harmoniously fits into the interior.

With the help of flower pots, you can add uniqueness to the interior in any style, but do not neglect their functional purpose. After all, any container for planting a flower is a plant's home, in which it should be comfortable to exist and develop.

Photos of flower pots