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Feng Shui of the site: features of the design of sectors and the use of important elements (110 photos)

Chinese feng shui is quite widespread not only in the world, but also in Russia. Surely, someone from your family and friends uses the rules of this system in decorating their homes, saturating it with positive energy. Feng shui of the house and the plot can be combined with the oldest traditions of folk crafts and ergonomics, art, psychology and physiology of living.

The use of feng shui techniques in the interior and exterior contributes to the restoration and maintenance of harmony with the surrounding world.

Chinese practice says: the garden and the infield are a single whole. Most often, the design of the garden is simple to the point of banality, but it is saturated with a special soothing atmosphere.

The reason is simple: gardens are home decoration. Therefore, on each Chinese site there are small gazebos, small playgrounds and other elements designed for a calm, peaceful pastime.

Studies by feng shui experts show that almost all city apartments are completely unsuitable for living. It is enough to study the photos of the plots decorated according to Feng Shui to understand why many people seek to purchase their own country house or plot.

However, it is not enough to buy a nice house with a plot for a comfortable stay. It is necessary to competently approach the design of the Feng Shui plot, guided by the principles of this system. Otherwise, you can create a garden with negative energy with your own hands.

The harmony of the garden and the house can be achieved by applying the simple principles of Feng shui.

It is necessary to know that the garden plot is a kind of reflection of the inner world and the connection is two-way.

To plan a Feng Shui plot, first of all, it should be divided (in thought, on paper) into eight parts, based on the cardinal directions. One of the basic rules of Chinese practice states that the entrance to the garden must be located in the north.

However, in modern realities, it is not always possible to arrange a plot according to Feng Shui. But there is a way out of this situation: when determining the entrance to the site, take it by the north side. In the future, when designing, it is necessary to define the entrance as the north of the site, even if this alignment does not correspond to the real cardinal directions.

Plot sectors

The principles of feng shui state: the house must be located in the center of the plot, as it represents the basis of well-being. The garden plot will be a kind of protection of the dwelling.

If it is not possible to place the house in the center, it is necessary to place trees that bloom from the end to the beginning of winter here.


The southern sector is responsible for the social status of the family. It is appropriate to plant more fertile plants here. If there are plants and trees in the south of the plot that are rushing upwards in their growth, but this will help the family to always achieve their goals.

Red flowers and trees with bright green foliage are appropriate for the southern sector. For example, roses, gladioli, fir, thuja or boxwood. Also, it is appropriate to plant bright red berries here.


The Southwest reflects well-being in the family. In this area, according to the rules of feng shui, it is necessary to arrange a place where the whole family can spend evenings and weekends together. Special attention should be paid to this area. For example, a gazebo or a table with a canopy will be appropriate here, saving from rain and sun.

The Southwest should be decorated spacious and comfortable. Fertile plants should not be grown in the Southwest. Take a closer look at the bright colors. For example, planting large yellow flowers will bring positive energy into the house.


The western section is a reflection of the Yin element. She is responsible for the children. If there are offspring in the family, then it would be a great idea to place a children's playground or a swing here.

This area should be decorated in yellow and orange colors. There are no rules in choosing flora, but if the family does not have children yet, but plans, then it is necessary to plant a mallow here.


The Northwest is masculine. The energy of this site embodies travel and self-development. For maximum harmony, it is necessary to install metal objects here: grilles, benches, etc.

It is necessary to adhere to strictness and modesty in the design of this site. Flowers will not be appropriate here. It is best to plant shrubs and trees, for example, apricots.


Here the energy is directed to career development. As already discussed above, in the north it is best to have an entrance to the site. Since the passage of the career ladder is a slow and measured event, it is necessary to surround this sector with tranquility and only periodically trim the bushes.


This sector is aimed at stimulating academic success. Root crops and spices are best suited for planting. To attract energy, you can decorate this area with stones.


The energy of this sector is responsible for the family. In order to speed up the treatment, it is necessary to activate the energy of this particular sector. The favorite flowers of family members will look great here, as well as trees that symbolize longevity (for example, grapes or oak).


The Southeast is the money sector. Oddly enough, dandelions and vegetables are most appropriate for him. Also, the installation of a fountain will help to activate monetary energy, since it symbolizes well-being.

Elements of feng shui on the garden plot

In planning a Feng Shui plot, it is important not only to design sectors on the cardinal directions, but also harmony between them. According to the rules of feng shui, the sections must be separated so that the energies of the sectors do not come into contact with each other.

Paths and paths. Chinese practice says that the main path to the house should be winding. The width and length of the road are not important, but it will be ideal if it looks harmoniously with the house and the plot.

Lighting. Not only the comfort, but also the energy of the site depends on its location. Ideally, if there are lights in the corners. To attract good luck to the house, it is necessary to illuminate the southern sector at night. To prevent discord in the family, the light is located on the southwest side.

Decor and furniture. Since wood prevails here, it is necessary to dilute the site with other materials and stimulate other elements. For example, a wrought-iron table with a glass top can be placed in the garden. To stimulate the elements of Metal and Earth, the garden can be decorated with stone planters. The element of Water will attract wooden chairs painted in blue. To create harmony and tranquility, decorating the garden with large stones is suitable.

Patio (patio). The decoration and decoration of this site should be carried out according to the general rules of feng shui. Do not use sharp objects in the interior.

Water. She has a strong energy. Among other things, it saturates all the flora that is on the site. You can install a fountain or equip a small pond. Even with a small space, it is necessary to create at least a small water area.

It is very pleasant to spend time with family and friends on the plot in the warm season. Use the opportunity to saturate your home and garden with positive energy, because it will give not only peace and joy at home, but also harmony with yourself.

Photo of Feng Shui plot