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Fencing for beds — ideas for making curbs and fences from available materials (80 photos)

Most gardeners try to grow and harvest a good harvest, considering it their dignity. Few people think about the fact that the beds should have an attractive appearance. It's not about smooth and symmetrical rows, but about fencing.

Believe me, if you make such a decision, you will be satisfied and not only because the border for the beds will give the design accuracy and well-grooming, but still, let's take it in order.

Many people think that if there is a small fence on the beds, then this is a kind of decoration of the suburban area. Wrong opinion, because this decoration serves to divide the garden. Fencing helps with the construction of greenhouses. Thanks to him, you can easily take care of young plants.

The curb prevents creeping insects from getting to the site where crops grow, simplifies weeding, preserves soil fertility. See how many reasons there are for which it is clear that it is worth installing the structure.

When setting up a rockery, the specifics should be taken into account — it is necessary to arrange drainage and strengthen the base for large stones. The top layer of soil is removed by 25-30 cm . Drainage is arranged from crushed stone of a large fraction or fragments of bricks, construction debris.
The soil for planting plants should be depleted, so that the plants do not "fatten" and do not begin to grow violently, otherwise in a year or two the stones will be heavily overgrown and they will no longer be visible because of the plants. But the nail of a landscape composition is stones.

Fencing for beds

Fencing for beds

Fencing for beds

Types of fences

You can buy curbs in stores or make them yourself. To begin with, let's look at industrial structures.

  • Stone.
  • Metal.
  • Plastic.
  • Brick.

These are the most popular fences. You can purchase one of the options without any problems. Some skilled gardeners using improvised materials, install a fence with their own hands. Explaining this by the fact that it is cheaper and there is an opportunity to create an unusual composition.

Plastic construction

Thanks to such fences, you can make a multi-tiered vegetable garden. If you decide to give the site an unusual, curved shape, then choose this type. Plastic fences for beds are easy to install. Even a novice gardener, having no experience, will cope with the task.

In order to install the structure, you do not need to dig ditches. Use the support pins to push the section into the ground.

The fence is easily rearranged from place to place, is not afraid of sunlight, humidity and sudden temperature changes. The plastic border does not corrode, keeping its perfect appearance for many years.

Fence tapes

Fence tapes have proven themselves well. They are eco-friendly and do not harm both people and plants. With the help of ribbons, you can fence off the area of beds, highlight paths and flower beds. The most common fences are green and brown.

The panel for fencing the garden beds "Garden board" is considered the simplest during installation work, adding an aesthetic appearance to the garden. Looks like wooden boards. The model is characterized by high strength, used for the design of multi-tiered landings.

Plastic borders have a wide range and are made in different colors and shapes. If you do not plan to attract attention, but simply decided to strengthen the beds and protect them from weeds, then choose a fence without a design.

In the case when it is necessary to give the garden originality, it is worth choosing a special decorative fence that imitates a picket fence, forging or masonry in a variety of colors.

Metal fencing

If you equip a greenhouse or design a high bed, it is most correct to use a metal fence. During manufacture, they are protected with a polymer coating so that the material does not succumb to moisture.

Be careful when using a metal curb in the sun. The structure heats up and can harm plants that are near the fence.

Galvanized fences are durable and are offered in various decorative options and color schemes. The fence is easy to install and fits perfectly into all design solutions.

Among the disadvantages, in addition to overheating, it is worth noting the high cost. But the price is justified, if you purchase this type of curb, you will be able to use it for several decades.

Brick fence

The ideal solution when the vegetable garden is located near a brick house. The material is placed in different ways. If you have no idea how to make a design, then create a composition by digging in bricks or laying it out at an angle.

Experienced gardeners complicate the process and build a fence, fastening the masonry with cement in rows. The use of bricks allows you to equip a raised vegetable garden, build a barrier that protects crops from weeds.

The disadvantage of brick fencing is that the material is stationary and has a high cost.

Natural stone fencing

From natural stone, you can create an original fence for the garden. That's just for the construction it will take some time. If you just need to identify the features of the bed, then you can lay out the material in a row around the perimeter. If the idea is with the idea, then make a high fence and fasten it with cement mortar.

Considering the rules when working with a stone fence, it is worth remembering that the structure is heavy and, accordingly, a support must be prepared for the curb to avoid sagging. Therefore, first fill the foundation. A stone fence is used to create a bed on a hill.

Making a vegetable garden with your own hands

Of course, there are a lot of simple ideas to put in order and make the beds attractive. The material for the fence will be simple improvised means. These may be remnants from construction work, such as slate or unnecessary things: barrels, buckets, tires, bottles.

The fence made of corrugated board will last for many years. The sheets bend well, so you can arrange a vegetable garden in an unusual way.

As a building material, take plastic or glass bottles. It will turn out not only fencing, but you will also be able to get rid of garbage, and the beds will sparkle with a new original look.

Pick up bottles of the same capacity and dig them into the ground with the neck down. For strength, you can pour sand inside. And to make the design fancy, paint the bottles with different bright colors. Next, you can consider photos of fences for beds. We have selected the most popular and unusual design options.

Now you understand that the beds are not just a piece of land. With the help of a curb, make accents on the landscape design of the site. Create an unforgettable atmosphere at the dacha. Combine ideas, and feel free to decorate.

Photo fencing for beds

Fencing for beds

Fencing for beds

Fencing for beds

Fencing for beds

Fencing for beds

Fencing for beds

Fencing for beds