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Entrance to the site — modern solutions for the arrangement of the entrance. 95 photos of the entrance and parking area for the car

Many owners of private country houses face one very difficult task, this is a gutter at the entrance to their plot and how to make an entrance to the plot through a ditch. As a rule, most owners of private houses would solve this issue very primitively, it's just to fill up a small part of the ditch with sand or gravel, but this is not an option in this situation. Hence, a reasonable question arises how to find the optimal solution in this case.

It should be taken into account that the arrival on your territory must be reliable and meet all the requirements. However, it is important to pay attention to the strength and reliability of the site itself, which must withstand heavy loads from the weight of the car, as well as there must be a normal drain for wastewater, this is very important.

Therefore, the solution to this issue can be found in this article, which also has a variety of colorful photos of the entrance to the site.

This method of solving this problem of arrival at the suburban area is considered quite simple, but at the same time the cost of material for such a task will be very high. Therefore, this option is not suitable for large-sized obstacles, especially if it concerns obstacles with wide openings.

Entrance to the site - modern solutions of arrangement

Entrance to the site - modern solutions of arrangement

Entrance to the site - modern solutions of arrangement

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In this case, it is necessary to use concrete slabs of large dimensions, while the cost of the slab depends on its size. And these can be very significant figures.

So, how to arrange entry to the site? At the initial stage, it is necessary to determine which soil is located on the extreme sections of the channel, since they need to be strengthened as necessary. If this is not done, then from the mass of the car and the plate itself, it can sink or simply fall apart.

Next, it is necessary to build an additional reinforcement. Near the concrete supports, you need to make a formwork, in which there should be a reinforced double structure, after which concrete can be poured into the formwork. And the resulting free space between the supports and the walls is recommended to sprinkle with sand or clay.

If the material intended for the channel has a large width and thickness, in this case it is recommended to dig the soil along the thickness of the plate.

At the final stage, the finished site is well leveled, as well as carefully rammed. At the same time, the sand layer should be no more than 7 cm, similarly, the gravel layer. The laying of the slab is carried out by special construction equipment.

It should be noted that it is practically impossible to make an entrance to the site through a ditch without resorting to the services of special equipment, and even independently.

Further, with the help of technology, it is necessary to lay the slab on the finished platform, while the ratio of the height of the slab to the ground is important. So if there is quite a lot of soil, then it must be removed, but if there is not enough of it, then you will have to fill it up.

Installation of a wide platform with sides

This method of mounting the entrance to its territory through a ditch is not expensive, but the process of execution is very laborious and time-consuming. Its biggest difficulty is due to the fact that sewage can flow through the ditch.

So, if there is water in the dug-out recess, it must be pumped out immediately. However, many do not do this at all and very unnecessarily. The fact is that if you mount the formwork in water, where concrete will then be poured, this will affect the quality of the structure. In this case, there is a possibility that the structure may simply collapse very quickly.

Next, it is necessary to install dividing partitions at a small distance between each other. Slate, wood or other building materials can be used as a partition. Then you can start pumping water in each individual section.

After that, a small layer of sand is poured into the prepared channel over the entire surface, and then a plentiful layer of gravel and it is recommended to tamper all this well with a vibrating plate.

A special water drain pipe can be placed in the finished channel, while it needs to be fixed in one position using an ordinary brick. Next, on both sides at the edge of the pipe, you need to mount a formwork having a height slightly higher than the channel walls.

There must be a reinforcement structure in the formwork, and only then concrete mortar can be poured into the finished formwork. After pouring concrete, it is necessary to wait until the structure dries completely.

Then it is necessary to strew the pipe with gravel in several layers, while each subsequent layer of gravel should have a fraction smaller and smaller, do not forget that each layer of gravel must be well compacted.

A thin layer of granite chips can be poured onto a pre-prepared site and rammed again, and in the end it is necessary to sprinkle with an insignificant layer of sand. And upon completion, small stones or broken bricks can be laid on the finished site to a height of no more than 5 cm, after that a special mesh made of reinforcement is laid on this surface.

Small road sides are mounted along the edges and around the perimeter. And only after that, the site can be filled with concrete mortar, no more than 7-8 cm in height.

For the preliminary calculation of the material, measurements of the height and width of the channel are required. If necessary, you can make the ditch deeper, while it should be borne in mind that the deepening should be performed smoothly and having a slight angle. This is necessary for a good water stack, if this is not observed, the water will not drain and will stand in one place.

Therefore, it is not as easy to make a good check-in on your territory as it may seem at first glance. Performing this work, you may encounter various difficulties that require some effort.

At the same time, it is necessary to understand that you need to adhere to a clear plan of action, otherwise the end result will be very bad, if you are not confident in your abilities, then in this case you need to contact specialists who have special equipment for such work. Therefore, it is practically impossible to independently make an entrance to the site with your own hands.

If you have any difficulties or doubts, you can order a turnkey entrance to the site, while you will save a lot of your time and effort. However, in this case, it will require certain financial costs, but these costs are worth it. At the same time, the masters will fulfill all your requirements and wishes.

Photo of the entrance to the site

Entrance to the site - modern solutions of arrangement

Entrance to the site - modern solutions of arrangement

Entrance to the site - modern solutions of arrangement

Entrance to the site - modern solutions of arrangement

Entrance to the site - modern solutions of arrangement

Entrance to the site - modern solutions of arrangement

Entrance to the site - modern solutions of arrangement