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Electric jigsaw: 80 photos of the best tools and an overview of the best combination of price and quality

In the rating of irreplaceable power tools, destroying the myth of narrow specialization, a jigsaw takes the leading positions. This sawing tool copes with a variety of materials, be it plastic, MDF, metal, or even ceramics. In addition, with the help of an electric jigsaw, it is possible to perform curved cuts of various radii, make cuts at an angle and perform rectilinear cutting of the web without deviation from the perpendicular.

All these qualities make the tool an indispensable assistant, removing doubts from the decision to purchase it. How to choose a jigsaw that will meet expectations and not lose with the price/quality parameter is discussed in this article.

Before you start studying the assortment, you should decide how often the machine will be used, what materials are supposed to be processed, what cuts will be made with it.

Jigsaws are divided into household and professional models. The "home" option pleases with the price, but loses in terms of power and performance parameters. This choice is suitable for those who plan to use the tool to perform individual projects.

The professional tool is designed for fast, long-term and high-quality work with a wide range of materials. In addition to these advantages, the jigsaw has advanced functionality, which allows you to organize the workflow at a master level.

Separately, we should mention such a type of jigsaws as industrial electric jigsaws. They are small machines, the safety margin of which is designed for many hours of daily work.

Do not confuse this type with desktop electric jigsaws. The latter, although they look like a reduced copy of the industrial ones, differ in a slightly different design and purpose.

The desktop model is used to perform openwork and complex curved cuts. The jigsaw is attached directly to the table, or comes complete with a special base. When working at the table, it is not the tool that moves, but the processed canvas itself, which allows you to make cuts more accurately and accurately.

The best manufacturers of jigsaws, according to many construction portals, are such firms as Bosh, Makita, Hitachi, they are first of all worth paying attention to.

Electric jigsaw device

The principle of operation of the electric jigsaw is relatively simple. A rod is attached to the engine. The rod, due to the engine, performs vertical reciprocating movements and transmits them to the saw blade located in front of the tool.

The canvas, in contact with the material, makes a deep thin cut in it. In jigsaws with a pendulum stroke, the design becomes somewhat more complicated: the saw moves not only up and down, but also forward and backward. This makes it possible to remove chips more efficiently and speeds up work. But it is possible to use a pendulum stroke only with rectilinear cutting, otherwise there is a great risk of jamming the device.

The main structural elements that you should pay attention to when choosing a tool:

  • Length of electrical cord (if any);
  • Type of handle and location of the start button;
  • The ability to adjust the speed and the location of the switch;
  • The quality of the saw blade support roller;
  • Electric motor power;
  • Stock Material;
  • The presence of a protective limiter and the features of the sole;
  • The possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner.

The file and its mounting options

The need to replace the saw blade occurs quite often. The file is changed when they want to change the quality of the cut, or the material, or when it is simply worn out. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider such a criterion as the method of attaching the saw blade to the rod, because the speed and convenience of the workflow will depend on it.

The shoe clip. Among the economy class models, the file is attached using a pad with a slot, which is clamped with two front screws. The advantage of such a design is versatility: the clamp holds saws of any parameters and manufacturers.

But there is also a significant disadvantage. Over time, due to insufficient or uneven tightening of the screws, the canvas may tilt and spoil the result of the work.

Screw clamp. It is more reliable than the previous one. The attachment of the saw is due to the side screw, which presses the end of the saw blade.

Quick-release mount. It is a whole mechanism. The file is fixed automatically and in just a couple of seconds. Among the disadvantages of this type, we can note low compatibility with saw blades from other manufacturers.

According to the shape of the tail , two types of jigsaw files can be distinguished:

  • with a T-shaped end;
  • with a U-shaped shank.

There are other varieties of the fastening side of the web, but they are not so widespread, which makes changing the saw blade a rather difficult "search" task.

How does a jigsaw on wood differ from an electric jigsaw on metal? The purpose of the file. Depending on the composition of the processed material, the type of steel of the saw blade, its thickness, and the nature of the serrated edge are selected.

All this information can be obtained by reading the labels on the packaging, the manufacturer of the file never skimps on this kind of information and duplicates it on the canvas itself.

Platform and arm

The supporting soles of electric jigsaws are stamped and cast. Models with cast platforms are more expensive, as they have better strength, allow you to filter the saw well.

Inexpensive tools are equipped with a stamped platform, which is subject to deformation. However, if you carefully monitor the work and follow the operating rules, you can minimize this factor.

According to the shape of the handle, there are tools with a mushroom-shaped and a bracket-shaped handle. The mushroom-shaped one is more convenient when performing curved cuts, and the bracket-shaped one speeds up work in a straight line.

There are options with a hybrid handle shape. Anti-slip coating will not only be a pleasant bonus, but also increase the safety of the work carried out at times.

Technical characteristics of the electric jigsaw

To choose the right tool, it is not enough to know about its device, you need to know a number of technical characteristics.

The power consumption of the electric motor determines the working capabilities of the jigsaw. The indicator depends on the model and varies from 350 to 1000 watts. The golden mean is represented by models for 500-600 watts, which can cope with a wooden part up to 85 mm.

The frequency of the rod strokes affects the speed of the electric jigsaw. The more movements the saw makes in a minute, the faster the work will go. As a rule, the maximum frequency of many models is 2500-3200 strokes per minute.

Most jigsaws are equipped with a frequency change function, since the work is carried out with different materials that require different processing speeds.

The depth of the cut is a parameter that indicates the maximum thickness of the material that the jigsaw can handle. The operating manual will necessarily indicate the values for some materials – wood, steel, aluminum. The depth of the cut directly depends on the power indicator of the tool.

Type of electric jigsaw power supply

Judging by the photos of the electric jigsaw presented on the internet, it is not difficult to guess that there are two options for powering jigsaws – wired and wireless. For the operation of a wired jigsaw, an electrical network with a voltage of 220 V. Wireless models are equipped with a rechargeable battery, the most common is an 18-volt or with an indicator of 10.8 V.

Wireless jigsaws provide more mobility, but their operating time is extremely limited by the battery charge. In addition, battery models are often not equipped with an additional battery and a charger for it, which increases the cost of purchasing a full working set.

However, where access to the network is limited or impossible at all, and the work with a jigsaw must be done, the wireless model will be very useful.

Choosing the right jigsaw is not an easy task, requiring consideration of many nuances. The practical experience of the builders allows us to give some recommendations. In most construction cases, a household version of a jigsaw will be quite appropriate. Large power indicators entail a large weight of the product, which can affect the convenience of work.

The bracket-shaped handle of the machine will be convenient on the construction site and for homework. If the instrument is equipped with a pendulum stroke and a stroke frequency adjustment function, then the choice of such a model is preferable. The backlash of the rod and the support roller is an important factor affecting the quality of the cut. Additional functions – blowing and illumination of the working area, will greatly simplify the work.

Many authorized centers provide the opportunity to pre-test the tool, so it makes sense to use it.

And, finally, each model has a warranty card that allows you to repair the electric jigsaw in a specialized center in case of a breakdown. Carefully read the warranty cases indicated in the coupon and, if necessary, use this service.

Photo of an electric jigsaw