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Design of a small plot — a selection of great ideas for design and ways to implement them (130 photos)

Many residents of large noisy megacities dream of buying their own small country plot, where it would be possible to grow their own vegetables and fruits, enjoy the beautiful view of flowers and just relax in the fresh air.

Having acquired precious meters of outdoor space, everyone begins to equip the territory, thinking over the landscape design of a small plot.

Before building the territory, you should plan the entire space correctly. The layout of a small plot begins with the allocation of the necessary functional zones and plots in the form of a house and garage structure, household facilities, baths, playgrounds for children, recreation areas, gardening inclusions.

It is not necessary to build all possible objects on your site at once. Everyone chooses for himself a set of buildings necessary for a comfortable existence.

Distributing the territory into zones, about 75% of the total area should be allocated for the garden and garden plantings, about 10% for buildings. The remaining 15% of the area can be occupied by decorative plantings of flowers and a recreation area. It is in this ratio that the design of a small garden will look organic and functional.

Rules for planning

When planning a small space of a land plot, it is worth adhering to three rules:

It is not necessary to build up a small area with massive objects. To make the buildings seem light and compact, you need to skillfully hide them behind the planting of shrubs or hedges. It is necessary to distribute them harmoniously throughout the territory in order to avoid the effect of "mass development".

This location is convenient for several reasons:

  • one foundation allows you to save valuable meters of land allotment;
  • a short distance to the exit gate;
  • in bad weather, getting from the garage to the living room is much easier and cleaner.

The modern design of a small plot will not do without the inclusion of farm buildings. They are recommended to be located deep in the territory, preferably on the north or north-west side. Such placement will not create shade for plants, but it will help to escape from the cold wind.

Landscaping and design techniques of decoration

In order for a beautiful garden to turn out of an ordinary allotment, drowning in bright colors of ornamental plants and flowers, complemented by a well-groomed vegetable garden, it is necessary to plan the allotment correctly using landscape design techniques.

Flower arrangements

It is best to use flower beds to decorate the plot in front of the house and on both sides of the entrance. The compositions of flowers placed in pots and tubs, which are placed on the territory, look original. An excellent decoration will be a "flower stream".

To expand the territory of a narrow area, you should resort to vertical landscaping. Wall canvases made of climbing plants that intertwine the arbor grilles will expand the boundaries.

Shrub plantations

On a small area, it is not necessary to plant a lot of shrubs. Preference should be given only to those species that will "please the eye" throughout the summer: jasmine bushes, rose hips, etc. And seedlings in the form of climbing ivy, honeysuckle, caprifoli will become a wonderful hedge.

Tree plantings

It is best to plant trees on a small plot of land around the perimeter, choosing dwarf and stunted varieties for this.

Garden beds

Photos of the design of a small plot clearly show that the design of beds with crops should be approached creatively. For garden beds, it is not necessary to give a large amount of useful area. Properly planted leafy salads and parsley or beet greens will become a wonderful decor-decoration of the site.

When making out beds, it is worth taking care of decorative fences. They can be built from improvised material: stones, profiled sheet, plastic bottles, etc. Such sides will look decorative, but they also have a practical function – they protect plantings from trampling.

If the bed be raised slightly above the level of total cover, the earth her better warmed up.

A modern method of decorating beds is planting vegetables and herbs together with flowers. Such compositions look charming, the main thing is to correctly position the seedlings in height and flowering period.

So, onion feathers will already leave the garden in August, and instead of them, marigolds, marigolds, etc. will remain side by side. Such a neighborhood will be favorable for cultural plantings, because many companion flowers scare away harmful insects.

Beds in barrels look very creative, and any large containers can be used as a barrel. The advantage is the possibility of transferring such beds to different places.

Tracks as a technique of visual expansion of boundaries

No landscape design project can do without paths. This is easily explained by the fact that it is pleasant to move along them in bad weather, they also serve as a means of visually increasing the area of the allotment.

The most common materials for tracks are:

  • Instead of expensive natural stone, you can use the remains of facing bricks lined with mosaics;
  • wood planks or sawn wood – laying out a path of similar elements, you will get a wooden path. However, it is necessary to treat every detail with means from rotting and dampness;
  • a gravel-covered tropic will decorate a small pond;
  • using a silicone mold, it is possible to cast a concrete path, planting the distance between the elements with lawn grass.

A beautifully decorated plot of land will not only delight its owners, but will also become the object of admiration of neighbors and friends.

Photo of the design of a small plot