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Interior design of a private house — 200 photos of exclusive interior options in the house

Decor for a private house is chosen a little differently than for apartments in the metropolis. The main task of decorating a house is to make it cozy and comfortable to be in it, it is not necessary to chase trends, because fashion is constantly changing. Look at the photos of the designs of a private house and read below about the best styles for the interior.

Provence came from the southern part of France in the Middle Ages. This style has a distinctive feature, which is that its decor is made only in light shades.

Provence style is a universal option for the design of a small private house. Here are some features of this style:

  • Only ecological materials are used in the decoration.
  • The furniture has a slightly old look.
  • Light tones are used.
  • Decorative materials or wooden panels are used for the walls.
  • For the logical completion of the style, it is recommended to use decorative beams.

The whole interior should look a little old, but this does not mean that the items should be dilapidated and worn out. Textiles should be without complex patterns and patterns made of natural fabrics.

Country style

The country style can be called rustic, it has many similarities with the Provence style. In the design of a country house for a private house, it is recommended to choose natural materials and textiles, handmade decor details are welcome. Let the furniture be made of wood and without any coloring coatings. Vintage items are also suitable for the quality of decor items.

Arabic style

This style began to gain popularity among country houses. It is difficult to create an Arabic style completely, because there are many difficulties and nuances in it. For example, you can not use images of people and birds.

Carpets with different patterns are a prerequisite for style. The main colors for the interior are gold, dark blue and azure shades.


If you have not been able to decide for a long time how to design a private house, then a universal style — minimalism will suit you. In the interior of this style there are no complicated drawings, patterns and intricate objects. Any textile and any materials can be used for decoration, even wood, plastic or metal.


Hi-tech is similar to minimalism, it can be attributed to modern design trends. It is distinguished by straight lines and geometry in style. You can not use bright colors, the best option is white, black, gray shades.

Materials and objects must be selected correctly, which is modern for the design of a private house today, tomorrow will be considered the last century.

English style

English style is suitable for owners of a private house with conservative views. In the interior of this style, there must be a large bookcase with books, a large fireplace and a wooden rocking chair next to it. Such people love comfort and silence.

American style

In this style, materials similar to natural ones are used, which results in a solid, democratic, expensive and modern interior. For the American style, zoning is always used, with the help of light, partitions, furniture.

Chalet-style interior

The interior of this style is a bit like country. It is suitable for lovers of Switzerland and the Alps. Only eco-friendly materials are used in the chalet style. The priority is an array of wood, without any coloring substances.

Modern interior in the house

Modern life is fast and rhythmic, so the interior of the house should always be practical and versatile. A house that is spacious and contains only the most necessary items will always be cozy and comfortable.

The distinctive moments of modern style include:

  • Convenience and versatility of furniture.
  • There are no conditions for lighting.
  • You can combine modern items with traditional options.
  • The use of synthetic materials.
  • Suitable for rooms of any size.

If you have decided on the idea of designing a private house, you need to consider the interior of each room separately.

Living room interior

The main object of any living room is the sofa on which the family spends their evenings. The sofa in most cases should fit into the overall style of the room.

But living on the contrary, to the couch to pick up the style. Also to choose a suitable sofa table. Living room in a private house can be in any style, the main thing is the comfort.

Hallway interior

The hallway in any house should first of all fulfill its main tasks, for this it should contain:

  • Wardrobes for outerwear and small lockers for small things.
  • Hangers for clothes.
  • Umbrella stand.
  • A cabinet or shelf for shoes.
  • A mirror, preferably full-length.

Kitchen interior

The kitchen is also considered a frequently visited place in the house. Family members gather here, at least for dinner. It should be convenient to cook and eat food in the kitchen.

Bathroom interior

When designing a bathroom, it is necessary to remember that this is an intimate space. It should be comfortable and pleasant to be in it. To make the bathroom versatile and comfortable, you need to know:

  • Every object and color in the bathroom affects a person's emotional well-being. Therefore, everything should be chosen correctly, for convenience and relaxation.
  • Even if the bathroom is small, you need to fit everything you need in it. Lockers are best purchased with sliding doors.
  • The finish must withstand high humidity and high temperatures.
  • It is also necessary to use materials that are easy to clean for bathroom decoration.
  • For health, the floor is recommended to be heated, but then all the furniture should stand on legs.
  • Between the bathroom and the pieces of furniture, you need to make distances so that moisture gets to a minimum.

Bedroom design

The bedroom should be comfortable and relaxing for a good sleep. You can choose any design for the bedroom, but it is better that it be with the use of natural materials. In a private house, you can install a fireplace in the bedroom.

Design of the nursery

If you have children, then be sure to make a nursery for them. Each child needs its own space, so it needs to be equipped individually for the needs and interests of each child. The main thing is that the room is safe and comfortable.

The design of the house outside

If you have made repairs inside the house and it is pleasant to be in it, it is worth thinking further about its appearance. It should correspond to the inner style and mood. It is worth paying attention to the blind area around the house, and the utility block available on the territory of the house is its advantage.

What to pay attention to when choosing an interior

To choose a suitable design of a private house with your own hands, you need to pay attention to several basic facts:

The area of the rooms. The choice of style depends on the size of your country house. Some options need large spaces, and miniature apartments are suitable for some.

A feature of the architecture. Some elements of the architecture of the house may not be combined with a particular style, so you do not need to ignore it. Find out how to make the gable trim.

Lighting. Some styles require a lot of lighting that is not available in some homes.

Personal wishes of the owners of the house. If the owner is a young and energetic person, such styles as modern, avant-garde, minimalism will suit him. Accordingly, you need to select styles for others.

Photo of the design of a private house