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The design of the plot of 10 acres — 85 photos of examples of modern landscaping and landscape design

In landscape design, the layout of a plot of 10 acres is considered convenient and comfortable. This is no longer a meager 6 acres, on which it turns out to fit everything you need with great difficulty. Such an area allows you to place the necessary buildings with a sufficient degree of convenience, allocate a place for recreation and leave space for growing garden crops or creating a green zone.

The practical value and convenience of a future cottage or country house depends on a well-designed project that takes into account all the necessary details, as well as on a creative approach to business, which allows you to use land resources as efficiently as possible.

Before starting design and construction work, you need to have an idea of how an area of this size can ideally look like. This can be helped by photos of plots of 10 acres, which will clearly demonstrate the possibilities and features of drafting a project, as well as give the necessary reserve of inspiration.

In addition to photos, you can learn a lot of subtleties and features of the work of professional designers, which are used in work of varying complexity.

At the planning stage, a plot diagram is made, which can be drawn on paper, created using cardboard models or using computer design programs. Each of these methods is successfully used by specialists, and the main advantage of a schematic image is a visual representation of its own territory.

Mobile paper and computer models of buildings, plantings, architectural groups and places of passage of people can be easily rearranged to create an optimal project.

It is better to give the territory of the entrance to the site to the house territory and place the main structure nearby. It is also good to place power supply and heating systems here, if this is provided for by the project.

When creating a site project, you will have to visit the object of future construction more than once, because on the schematic plan you need to take into account the illumination and terrain features. The illumination should be measured 3 times a day, in the morning, afternoon and evening. This is necessary to determine the sunniest places, as well as the nature of the movement of lighting during the day.

It is better to know the relief in advance for accurate calculation of the material during construction, as well as for timely decision-making on the need to level the slope or make the height difference less pronounced.

The locations of the paths, as well as the main communication systems of water supply and electricity networks, also need to be included in the plan. Taking into account the features of the terrain, it is quite possible that you will have to make adjustments or make an additional drainage system to divert excess water.

The preliminary scheme of a suburban plot of 10 acres may require correction, taking into account the wishes for zoning and the peculiarities of the choice of layout, but it is better to redo the project than to make changes later during the construction and arrangement of the territory.

Zoning and layout types

If earlier the land plots were clearly intended only for the construction of dachas and in fact were vegetable gardens, now it can be both a permanent residence and a summer residence for the whole family. The features of the destination are also taken into account at the planning stage and largely determine the size of each individual zone.

The zoning and layout of a 10–acre suburban plot presupposes the presence of 4 main territories - residential, economic, horticultural and relaxation. Each zone has its own purpose, and in order to preserve the proportions and ergonomic use of space, you should know the recommended standards.

The residential area is approximately 20% of the total area, 10% each falls on the share of outbuildings and recreation areas, and the rest is allocated to beds, trees, shrubs and flowers.

A schematic image of a land plot of 10 acres will help to make an optimal layout plan.

The simplest and most convenient from the point of view of the organization of space is the rectangular arrangement of objects around the perimeter, with the allocation of the central or lateral part for planting. Everything is clear, graphic, convenient, but a little boring and reminiscent of Soviet-era cottages.

A circular layout for novice designers and even for experienced specialists seems to be the most difficult and inconvenient for design. It can be difficult to take into account all the nuances of relief and lighting on a rounded area.

This option is well suited for the design of a country house without suburban landings. And in such a layout, various architectural techniques are often used to create a balanced geometric appearance.

The diagonal layout has become very popular. In this arrangement, the buildings are arranged with geometric clarity, but in all objects there is a clear diagonal from the near section to the far corner. A very convenient way of planning, because it allows you to keep the proportions, but gives more scope for imagination.

The free layout follows the only rule, everything should please the residents and create maximum comfort. This system makes it possible to introduce creative disorder and organize order among the visible chaos.

Thoughtful projects significantly facilitate the construction work and help to equip 10 acres with maximum efficiency, where every meter of land is used wisely and serves a specific purpose.

Professional recommendations

When doing landscaping of a plot of 10 acres, it is worth taking the advice of experts in your field.

It is better to allocate the northern and most insufficiently illuminated part of the land for residential and commercial buildings. In this case, there will be no problems with farming, and rest on the sun-drenched lawns will become more pleasant.

Buildings look better when they are designed in the same style, fit well with each other in size and shape, and access to them is equipped with convenient and wide enough paths.

The southern part of the land plot is traditionally given over to the cultivation of garden crops and fruit trees. Although there may be variations in this rule, for example, planting tall trees around the perimeter, shrubs along the paths and alternating flower and garden beds.

The size of the house on a plot of 10 acres should be sufficient for a comfortable stay, but not look bulky. The accepted standard in this case is 10X10 meters.

The paths need to be equipped with a convenient coating, take care of the convenience of access to all parts of the site, as well as provide lighting in the evening.

The playground should be clearly visible from all ends of the site and be equipped in slightly shaded areas.

Recreation areas look good among fruit trees, it saves space and allows you to comfortably sit in the shade of spreading branches.

There are practically no special rules and restrictions in the construction of country houses and cottages, with the exception of safety requirements, compliance with the principles of practicality and convenience. Having spent time on planning, you can save on the arrangement itself, getting an original and stylish design as a result.

Photo of the design of the plot of 10 acres