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Decorative wood chips — 110 photos of use cases in landscape design

Agree, what can be difficult when designing a garden design? Nowadays, there are different options and techniques for decorating a land plot. But even professional designers have difficulties. And then the process drags on for a while.

It doesn't matter if the idea is laborious or simple, any of them helps in the arrangement of the landscape, emphasizing the charms of plants. Today we will talk about decorative wood chips, it is this material that will cope with the decoration of the garden without much expense and difficulty. Feel like an artist, create miracles and enjoy them every day.

Next, you can see a photo of decorative chips and take a closer look at what it is. You can also get acquainted with the technique of laying mulch. The images will help you figure out which type of material is better to use.

Wood chips are a type of filling used for landscape decoration. Many gardeners and designers have managed to fall in love with this particular material. Why?

This type of filling is harmless, only natural wood and dyes, which contain only organic substances, are selected for its manufacture.

Thanks to high-quality processing and modern technological processes, the pieces of material are not sharp, in a word, they are safe, so you will not get hurt while working.

Decorative wood chips are just a dream for a designer. It is made in a completely different color palette. Gamma is bright for a long time and resistant to natural phenomena.

Easy maintenance during operation. If the filling is laid out correctly, it will last about 5 years. She is not afraid of rain, always clean, easily copes with humidity.

Decorative wood chips protect the soil from erosion, creating good living conditions for worms.

The most important advantage of wood chips is that they are used as mulch. Protects moisture, prevents the soil from drying out and overheating, protecting the roots of plants and trees. Where mulch is used, there are several times fewer weeds, the soil under it is loose.

Wood chips nourish the roots with useful substances, because when the lower layer rotts, trace elements are absorbed into the soil. Therefore, wood chips are used not only for decoration and for mulching, protecting and improving soil performance.

Laying mulch from wood chips

When choosing a decorative material, pay attention to the size, it is usually indicated on the package. Also, the filling should be soft and moistened. It is easy to lay wood chips, start the process in late spring or early autumn.

If you are going to make a pattern of different colors, then you need to mark the site in advance. Remove debris, branches and leaves from the soil, and then loosen it and you can add top dressing and do not forget to water it. It is best to lay mulch in sunny weather.

The layer of material can be more than 5 cm, depending on where it will be located, in the shade or in the sun. During the laying out, leave a gap near the main stem so as not to disrupt the air circulation.

Wood chips can be laid out on open ground, to save on material, you can use agrofibre, which can slow down the growth of weeds.

Landscape design and decorative wood chips

The use of decorative wood chips in landscape design is quite a popular process. A few words about colorless wood material. In most cases, such colorless chips are used to cover the ground. For example, they protect the roots of bushes and trees or spread them between rows in the garden where strawberries and other crops grow.

Although this type of wood chips does not have a decorative function, but the mulched vegetable garden looks much neater, which indicates caring owners. To implement different design solutions, you need to choose chips of contrasting shades.

Decoration of flower beds and flower beds

Colored decorative wood chips will help to emphasize the beauty of plants. You can simply lay out the material with a monochrome background or create a pattern, adding to the composition of the flower garden.

The green filling is suitable for imitation of a lawn. By laying colored mulch under the trees, you can not only protect the roots, but also create an unusual look in the garden.

Filling for tracks

Colored wood chips are used not only to decorate flower beds and flower beds. It is perfect for decorating the entire suburban area.

It is not always possible to purchase a slab or a stone and lay out paths. After all, this is not only an extra cost, but you need to have some experience to get the expected result. If we talk about wood chips, everything is much simpler here – the material is cheap and demanding, you may not have special skills.

You already know how to lay wood chips. Make a marking, remove debris and weeds and fill up the path. If everything is fine with your imagination, you can come up with some intricate pattern – it can be stripes, waves.

Ideas allow you to design paths not only between trees, but also in the garden. The material contributes to the rapid absorption of water, so after the rain you do not have to walk through puddles and mud.

Decorating the playground for children

More recently, wood chips began to appear on playgrounds. The filling is environmentally friendly and safe for health. Children can walk barefoot on wood chips and not injure their legs.

If you lay out the paths with colored patterns, they will be able to give a good mood not only to the kids, but also to parents, including. And even in rainy weather, little fidgets will not get dirty.

The material is also used at venues where athletes are located. According to gardeners, wood chips can absorb nitrogen from the ground. It is necessary to saturate the soil in advance with a large amount of nitrogen fertilizer.

Summing up, we can say only one thing that wood chips in landscape design can completely change the appearance of the entire site. The process is simple and even interesting.

In order for the garden to sparkle with new colors, it is not necessary to hire workers and overpay money. Any gardener can cope with the task 100%. Buy colored chips and create a cozy corner in the country, where friends and neighbors will be happy to come to chat or just relax. Make your yard noticeable and unusual, we are sure you will succeed.

Photo of decorative wood chips