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Decorative mill — 110 photos of use cases in landscape design

It is more natural that each owner, engaged in the improvement of the house territory, wants to make it as attractive and ergonomic as possible. This can be achieved by applying a variety of techniques of landscape stylists. You can break up beautiful flower beds and original flower beds, erect an alpine slide or dig a charming pond.

Sculptural compositions and various installations can also act as decorations. The mill for the garden, placed in the grass near a small pond, looks especially stylish and original.

Such a structure can perform both an aesthetic function, playing the role of one of the details of the garden decor, and a practical one, hiding unsightly urban things. The last variation is most important for a small area. After all, you also want to transform and decorate it.

The mill on the site is an original element of landscape decoration that conveys all the charm of the atmosphere of rural life. Such decoration gives incomparable peace and perfectly decorates the household territory. But the pronounced aesthetics does not prevent the mill from performing a practical task. For example, it helps to hide manholes, water and gas valves, etc.

Both wood and stone are used to make the mill. The height of such a building can be different – from 0.3 m to 2 m. Choosing the dimensions, it is necessary to take into account the area of the improved territory. In a small area, a huge, low-functional structure will look ridiculous.

There are also structures whose dimensions allow you to arrange a full-fledged gazebo inside them. Such a structure will play the role of not only a garden decor, but also a cozy, comfortable place to relax.

In medium-sized buildings, it is quite convenient to store working equipment. In other words, an elegant mill can be a good alternative to an unattractive barn.

The most attractive small architectural form with blades will look against the background of an artificial or natural reservoir. It would also be appropriate to place a mill near a stream or an artificially created waterfall. Nearby you can install a bench or gazebo to relax in the evening hours, looking at the water surface and watching the movement of the mill wings.

Placement Tips

The design of a cottage mill can assume two types of wings: the first type is driven by the force of the wind, and the second is stationary blades that remain stationary. Usually products with non-rotating blade elements perform a purely decorative function.

Both types can be installed not only on the bank of a stream or pond, but also in quiet places of the garden. It is important to choose the dimensions of the mill correctly. After all, an incorrectly selected size of the structure can spoil the design of the entire landscape.

The wind structure will look great in any part of the homestead. Even the most inconspicuous corner will sparkle with new colors if you place such a small architectural form there. A mill surrounded by green grass will decorate any part of the garden. Plants, flowers and bushes planted nearby will only emphasize the elegance of the structure.

Such a small architectural form will look most organically if the house and all the surrounding buildings are decorated in a rustic style, imitating the old Russian huts. But, if the territory is equipped in any modern design solution, then such a design on it will be superfluous.

A decorative mill near the fence looks just wonderful, especially if it is a stylization of a wicker fence. Such a building also looks good in combination with a well. It is appropriate to supplement the resulting picture with a peasant cart. And if you place the mill next to the decorative bridge, you can achieve a truly amazing effect.

In addition to everything discussed above, to enhance the aesthetic qualities of a windy building together with it, you can use a bench made of solid wood or a stylized wooden wheel. In the latter, you can plant flowers – you will get a very original flowerbed.

The main thing to remember is that when arranging a plot in a similar style, you can not use clear geometric shapes, strict lines and sharp corners. Rural-style design is characterized by peace and softness. All details must be rounded.

Is the territory of your country cottage designed in the Japanese or Chinese style direction? A windmill will perfectly complement the landscape. As mentioned earlier, it is not appropriate only for modern minimalist stylistics. But it should be taken into account that the Russian mill will not be combined with the landscapes of the East – here it is preferable to choose a model in Japanese-Chinese design or stylized as a pagoda.

The decor of this type looks great on a hilly area or on a hillock. In this case, the mill will act as a kind of high-rise dominant of your dacha. And if you place statues of heroes of fairy tales and legends near the decorative building, then such a composition will look truly magical.

Practical purpose

The photo of the decorative mill shows that it can be used as a house for children's games. Everyone knows how important it is for a child to have his own corner, where he is the rightful owner. If you decide to adapt the building for a children's house, do not forget to make sure of the stability and reliability of such a structure.

A stone mill will make a wonderful barbecue – it tolerates high temperatures well and has excellent thermal conductivity.

A garden mill is also a good way to get rid of moles. The rotation of the wings leads to vibration of the soil, which is not to the liking of moles.

A doghouse is another variation of the use of a mill structure. If the building is located near a reservoir, then it is possible to keep fishing gear, water purification equipment, etc.


Today, antique-styled mills are in fashion. They can be purchased in the store or ordered in the workshop. A good option is to make a decorative mill with your own hands.

If you decided to make the construction personally, remember that sometimes a work of art may happen out of the ordinary scraps of materials that are left after the repair. Drawing decorative windmills can be easily found on the Internet or draw yourself.

Pine is the optimal material for the construction of a wind farm. Pine wood has a beautiful appearance and low cost. But it needs mandatory treatment with antiseptic formulations.

Undoubtedly, the mill is one of the most picturesque architectural forms. It will give your site originality and individuality. Therefore, if you are in doubt which decor to choose – choose a mill.

Photo of a decorative mill