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Decorative flower beds — creation of original projects from improvised means (80 photos)

A flowerbed is a great decoration for any flower garden. It is not difficult to create a beautiful, bright and unique flower bed with your own hands. To do this, you will only need the desire, imagination and desire to work on the flower garden, ennobling it with your creations.  In the process of arranging a flower bed, you can use various materials and improvised means.

Recently, old tires, plastic bottles, natural stones, glass and shells have become popular options for decorating flower beds.

A decorative fence, also known as a curb, serves as a kind of divider between the flowerbed and the main plot. Choosing the design of the curb, it is necessary to take into account the landscape features of the site and the exterior of the buildings located on it.

A mosaic border will look very beautiful and original. Its base is made of a concrete mixture, and then a mosaic finish is carried out. Its elements can be broken pieces of colored glass, tiles, decorative stones and shells.

Using these materials, you can create an exclusive author's work that exists in a single copy only on your site.

If the architectural design of the house is implemented in the Mediterranean or English style, natural stones, including granite, shell rock and sandstone, will be a good option for decorating the flowerbed. They can decorate a flower garden of any size.

In addition, these materials have good quality characteristics and are resistant to various weather conditions. This is due to their long service life and the lack of need for special care.

A wicker fence is a good solution for decorating a country–style manor. It can be made from willow twigs. Previously, install wooden posts along the perimeter of the flower garden, between which willow twigs will be woven in the future. Natural materials for the manufacture of fences for flower beds look great against the general background of the site.

The flowerbed will be distinguished by its naturalness, for which the plants planted around the flower garden act as a fence. For such purposes, low flowers or shrubby plants are used. The best height of a natural fence is from 20 to 40 cm. This is necessary in order not to block the view of the flower bed.

The next option for separating the flowerbed and the main plot is a dug–out curb. To carry out work on the manufacture of such a fence, a shallow trench should be dug along the perimeter of the flower garden. The width of such a border is selected depending on the types and sizes of plants growing in the flowerbed.

If most of the elements on the land plot or the country house itself are made of wood, then a fairly harmonious option for decorating a flower bed is a wooden fence. It can be made from pegs or bars of approximately the same diameter.

The height may vary slightly, so the fence will be asymmetrical, which is also not bad. In order for the tree to last longer, it must be pre-treated with an antiseptic and a special impregnation.

A low brick fence will be perfectly combined with a brick house on the site. If stone elements of natural or artificial origin are used in the decoration of suburban buildings, also use decorative stone for flower beds. So you can create a common style unity for all the territory of the site.

Flower bed decoration options

Depending on the shape of the flowerbed and its design , there are several decoration options:


The flowerbed has a fairly natural appearance. Not fastidious perennial plants with frost-resistant properties grow on it.

Such a flowerbed does not require special care, you only need to periodically weed it from weeds.


It looks very elegant and beautiful. The flowerbed consists of several tiers located at different heights.

This option undoubtedly attracts the eyes of others due to its unusual nature. In a flower bed, you can plant climbing plants that will fall from one tier to another.


Only one type of plant is planted here. Usually these are some bright annual flowers, previously grown from seeds into seedlings.

Such a flowerbed has a small size and can be located in a limited space, such as a tire painted with colored paints.


Plants for flower beds are planted in special flowerpots, which are fixed on a vertical surface. It can also be a climbing plant planted in the ground and let shoots up. Stems with leaves and flowers are fixed on threads stretched along the wall of the building or a specially installed frame.


Flower beds, unusual in shape and arrangement of plants on them. The process of creating an arabesque is quite long and can take several months, and sometimes years.

Often such flower beds have the outlines of certain objects: butterflies, hearts, zigzags or giant flowers.

We decorate the flower bed with the help of improvised means

If there are not uprooted stumps on your site, they can be made part of the overall composition by planting grass for flower beds or ferns around. Add a few large flowers to the central part, or alternate beautifully flowering plants with ornamental crops. And you can generally use a stump as a flowerpot. To do this, remove the middle of the stump and plant the plants directly in it.

Place several large stones of unusual shape on a flower bed, digging them into the ground. Blocks of granite or sandstone look great in combination with herbs of saturated colors or coniferous low-growing shrubs. Decorative plaster figures of animals, birds or gnomes can also be installed in the flower garden.

On the suburban area, you can place a small pond made in the form of a pond, around which low beautiful flowers will grow.

Put some old unnecessary container in the ground, gathering dust in the garage or basement. To do this, dig a hole of the right size, and decorate its edges with stones.

Use various household items as flower pots. An old cart, a garden wheelbarrow, a kettle, a pot or a barrel will become excellent decorative elements and will fit perfectly into the composition of the flowerbed.

Some manage to install an old bicycle on special supports or near some wall and plant plants directly in baskets hanging on it.


Look at the photos of decorative flower beds on our website and get a lot of ideas. Any variant of a flower garden that differs from the standard round or rectangular shape will look unusual and attractive. Fantasize and experiment on your plots, creating design masterpieces in floristry!

Photos of decorative flower beds