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Decorative cart — how to make with your own hands? Expert advice on the design of the site (65 photos)

Summer residents strive not only to build a strong and reliable house, but also to decorate the adjacent plot. You can plant a blooming garden, arrange flower beds. But you should also think about decorating the territory, which will help you make the site more cozy.

A good solution in the arrangement of the interior will be the installation of a small decorated cart. You can buy it in a specialized store, order it from specialists or make it yourself. We will talk about the latter method in our article.

There are many options for creating and installing this element near a country house. But the invariable rule is its decoration with flowers or other decorative elements. Depending on the size of the cart for the garden can be:

  • Small, with a length not exceeding 1 m. Due to its small dimensions, it looks great on small flower beds and lawns. It is this option that is most acceptable as a way to decorate a standard house.
  • A two-, three- or four-wheel design. The size is 2-2.5 m. It looks great near the fence or at home.
  • A large four-wheeled model, reaching a length of three or more meters. This is too cumbersome option. Therefore, it is advisable to build only if the household territory is extensive.

In the design process, the type and size of the structure should be determined early. Take into account both the area of the allotment itself and its workload, as well as the style of the house design.

How to assemble the structure correctly

The key to the successful solution of the task is a well–thought-out layout. It is necessary to rely on the drawings of decorative carts that are most suitable for you and observe the specified proportions.

Wheel Manufacturing

The most difficult stage in the design of the layout is the manufacture of the wheel. You can choose the simplest option and cut a circle of the desired diameter from a wooden blank. Drill a hole in the center and put the wheel on the axle. You can also cut out two semicircles, and then connect them together.

But the wheels with spokes will look the most aesthetically pleasing. It is much more difficult to make such a model, but a novice master can do it. First, you should make a template, observing the real proportions. To do this, take a sheet of plywood.

The center of the future wheel is determined on the workpiece and a nail is driven there. Then you should take a bar, the length of which will not be less than the radius of the desired circle. Two holes are drilled in it – one for a nail located in the center, and the second for a pencil.

Having fixed the bar, it is necessary to draw a circle. Another one is drawn inside. This should be done so that the wheel rim is in full width.

The resulting circle should be divided into eight equal pieces. You can see the same number of equal segments on the rim. Under them, 30x80 bars are cut out with a length corresponding to each segment of the rim. Their ends should be filed for convenient connection between each other in the form of an octagon. Check the quality of the docking.

You can leave the wheels in the form of an octagon, but smooth shapes will be more attractive. Therefore, it is necessary to lay out all the cells butt-to-butt, and along the outlined contour of the circle to give the blanks a rounded shape. In this case, you will get natural-looking wheels. You can see the features of this model in the photo of the decorative cart.

Assembly of the wheel structure

In the center of the circle of the wheel, you need to place a chock that will act as a hub. It can also be made from a pre-prepared blank with an electric jigsaw.

As spokes, you can use ready-made round sticks or parts from agricultural tools. You can make them yourself on a lathe, but it will take time and effort from you.

Holes for spokes should be drilled in the hub and along the inner edge of the rim. There should be 16 holes in total – 8 on the rim and hub. The diameter must match the size of the rod. The sticks are inserted into the holes, connecting the center of the wheel with the rim elements.

For strength, glue should be applied beforehand. Then the rim bars at the ends are also lubricated with glue and firmly pressed. For better grip, it is desirable to press the structure with heavy parts.

If you haven't rounded the wheel circumference yet, you can do it at this stage. It is enough just to carefully smooth out the corners of the octagon. The wheel must be cleaned of glue and thoroughly sanded. The three remaining details are drawn up in the same way.

Creating a body

If you decide to independently solve the question of how to make a decorative cart with your own hands, then you need to prepare for the arrangement of the body. It is necessary to choose boards for the body and bars for the frame in advance. The frame is assembled based on the drawing. After you lay out the bottom of the boards, they need to be fixed with bars with a cross section of 50x50 mm. The bars that are necessary for the construction of the frame are attached to it.

Such a base must be firmly connected with a variety of fasteners, such as screws or nails. Additionally, the parts should be glued together. The frame is sheathed with boards of the desired length. In conclusion, it is recommended to sand the body and cover it with varnish.

Manufacture of axles and fastening of the structure

To attach the wheels to the body of the cart, it is necessary to plant them on the axles, as which you can use, for example, cuttings from shovels or other garden equipment. These cuttings can be cut into pieces according to the required length of the workpiece. In the chocks you need to make holes in which the axes will be fixed. Therefore, the inner side of the hub should be flat.

Additionally, 4 more chocks should be prepared. One of the sides of each of them should be beveled. These structural elements are used to attach to the body. They are fixed under the axles in order to ensure a stable position of the body of the cart.

When you install the wooden body on the axle, make sure that it sits exactly on the chocks. And the place of articulation must be covered with a layer of glue or fixed with screws.

Additional decoration

A decorative cart placed in the garden plays the role of an attractive flowerbed. In the back, you can install boxes or vases with earth, where you can plant beautiful flowers and climbing plants. If the structure is tilted, and pots of flowers are placed from below, then a very beautiful imitation of a waterfall will turn out.

Other elements or materials can also be used as decorative elements. For example, firewood stacked on a cart, figurines, dolls, natural or artificial vegetables will look great.

An original decorative cart on a country plot will transform the surrounding landscape. You will not only bring an element of originality, but also give your guests a journey into a fairy tale.

Photo of a decorative cart