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Deck chairs for cottages — how to choose and create an unusual and comfortable sunbed (115 photos)

The suburban area, as you know, is not only a place for growing crops and preserving them for the winter. The most pleasant thing in the country is rest, especially after working in the garden or in the garden. So I want to comfortably sit in a chaise longue or on a sunbed and breathe fresh air.

Nowadays there are a very large number of models of deck chairs and sun beds. However, when choosing a certain option, it is necessary to take into account the surrounding landscape of the site and their convenience in operation. The appearance should be harmonious and balanced.

The number of summer residents and outdoor enthusiasts is increasing every season. In this regard, the furniture industry does not stand still and constantly produces new models that fully meet the demand of consumers.

This also applies to furniture products in the form of chaise lounges and sun beds, which are very popular among owners of cottages or land plots. Among themselves, these pieces of furniture differ in cost, appearance and the material used.

Translated into Russian, the word "chaise longue" means a long chair, so it can be attributed to its variety. As a rule, the seat has an elongated shape, almost the full height of a person. Many have armrests and an adjustable backrest. Folding deck chairs are also very popular.

The sunbed is more like a mobile bed. In dimensions, it is slightly larger than a chaise longue, but of a lower height. Thanks to this, you can rest on it, taking any position. The backrest is also adjustable for convenience and full relaxation.


In order for the purchase to be successful, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with some information about such furniture products:

Sun beds made of wood are the most common option. Such furniture is beautiful in appearance, environmentally friendly and harmless to people. In addition, they are perfectly combined with the outside world.

The universal wooden lounger is quite popular. Its model range varies from ordinary unpretentious products to glamorous ones that repeat the outlines of the human body. There is also a backrest fixation, which is convenient for sleeping and relaxing. But wooden sun beds are heavy in weight and when moving. To do this, small wheels are attached to them.

Plastic deck chairs. These are more modern types of products and are very popular among suburban residents. Among their advantages should be noted: affordable cost, easy maintenance, ease of transportation, waterproofness.

But it is worth saying that designers are constantly creating plastic deck chairs for cottages, which significantly affects the pricing policy and their cost increases.

Swing chairs. This option for the cottage is especially convenient and unusual. The main element of the design is considered to be a metal rack. A chaise longue is attached to it. A chaise longue or a sunbed slowly sways back and forth.

To protect from the wind or the sun's rays, the sunbed is equipped with an umbrella or a canopy from the sun's rays. In addition, such furniture items can be equipped with a soft mattress secured with ties or Velcro to the body.

Wicker furniture. It is made of artificial or natural materials: vines, rattan, etc. Naturalness flows more concisely into the interior, but it costs much more.

Deck chairs and sun beds of our own production. For those who love originality, you can show your own abilities and creativity by making them on your own. In addition, you will save money. Various improvised materials can be used in the manufacture: wood, textiles, stones, etc.

Own production of a chaise longue

The method of producing a chaise longue made of wood is considered the simplest. It is a pleasure to work with it and no special skills are required, it is practical and durable in operation.

When working, you will need: a glued wooden plate 20 mm thick, boards and bars (for the frame device), working tools, a set of drills, four wheels, paint, varnish, a device for grinding, finishing and protective materials.

Experts recommend using spruce or pine as the wood raw materials used. Since they are moisture-resistant and withstand sudden changes in the temperature regime of the environment.

Measurement of parameters and start of production

The usual size of the chaise longue is 60x190 cm and is standard. But you can also resort to an individual order, under certain parameters of a single person.

When the size issue is resolved, you can proceed directly to the production process:

  • Installation of a frame made of pre-prepared beams, which are attached to each other with special metal corners.
  • Preparation of the legs according to the intended dimensions, height within 5-10 cm.
  • Fixing the legs at a certain distance from the edge of the base, using screws.
  • Fixing the wheels strictly in the middle on each leg (with screws 3-5 cm).
  • Preparation of slats, which are cut out with a jigsaw, 8x60 cm, then attached to the frame with an interval of 1-2 cm.
  • Processing of the finished product with special means that protect the tree from various damages (spoilage or destruction). As soon as the product dries, it needs to be varnished or painted.

Chaise longue made of fabric

A very versatile option to use is a frame chaise longue: practical, easy to move and transform into a chair.

To make a chaise longue, you need: wood bars for the frame (of different sizes), dense fabric, fastening parts, electric drill, glue and sandpaper.

To extend the service life in a beautiful form, it is better to take such fabrics: tarpaulin, jeans or canvas. They will not lose color in the sun and are moisture resistant. To create a frame, you should use oak or birch slats.

Extending the service life

In order to make the service life of the chaise longue long, it should be treated with funds twice: during the main process and after its completion.

To do this, impregnating and antiseptic agents are used for wood, as they will provide protection from moisture, insects and other damage. Coating with varnish, drying oil or paint also guarantees an extension of the service life.

Mattress with your own hands

In addition to convenience, you can sew a mattress. It's not difficult at all.  You will need: durable fabric and filler.

The cutting of the fabric of the necessary parameters is being prepared. Do not forget to leave allowances for seams. The cut is stitched on all sides except one. A filler is inserted inside it and stitched together with the fabric so that it does not get lost during application.

That's all the nuances of choice and production. In more detail, the instructions and a variety of options for sun loungers and sunbeds for the cottage can be viewed from the photo.

Photos of sun loungers for cottages