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Curtains for the gazebo — which to choose? 150 photos of novelties of exclusive design of street curtains

The best place to relax from the city noise will be a beautiful gazebo (veranda) in the country. Curtains will help to hide from the hot heat or create a comfortable environment for meeting family and friends.

Curtains in the gazebo are an original design element. They should have an aesthetic function and perform a number of tasks:

  • protection from the sun, insects and other people's eyes;
  • emphasizing the advantages and smoothing out design flaws;
  • keeping warm inside the veranda when it gets cool and damp;
  • the strength of the material withstanding strong wind;
  • harmony with the surrounding interior elements, a beautiful combination with the overall ensemble and landscape of the cottage (house).

For the design of gazebos, shades of nature are more often selected. Light tones will give lightness to the design.

Manufacturers offer different types of curtains: from a roll, fabric, PVC, there are protective awnings.

Fabric cloths

For outdoor structures, street curtains are the best option for ventilation to create maximum convenience for a country holiday. Materials such as silk, delicate chiffon or organza will become a spectacular accent. But they are only for the warm season, strong wind and washing limits the service life to 5-6 seasons.

Airy fabrics will resemble sails, which will perfectly fit into the Mediterranean flavor.

For lovers of the East and the Arabian tales of Scheherazade, the best idea would be to decorate a round gazebo with a huge snow-white canopy. In addition, it is recommended to hang curtains from a similar fabric. This will create the feeling of a fairy-tale castle.

If possible, it is better to purchase 2 types of curtains: for every day and for holidays, special occasions. So on an anniversary or other event, you can surprise friends and guests with elegant more spectacular curtains, correctly placing accents.

Original solutions in the photo of gazebos with curtains.

Advice! Dense fabrics, like linen or teak, are heavier, designers recommend hanging in the form of Roman curtains, forming beautiful folds.

For cool days, combined curtains are good when fabrics have different textures and densities. An unusual solution would be "Blackkout", when an interesting "day and night effect" with a transparent veil is created.

To repel insects, thin transparent curtains after washing should be impregnated with water-soluble special means. They are bought in centers for gardeners.

Acrylic fabrics

All acrylic fabrics repel moisture well, their density is 280 g/m2. Such canvases scatter the rays of the sun with an unusual light effect, this will change the appearance of the room.

The rigidity of the material is its only disadvantage, so numerous folds for storage will eventually cause cracks and creases on the folds. The material protects well from bright light, but in case of bad weather, the curtains will have to be removed.

Curtains from a roll

It is often possible to see roller blinds made of soft materials that do not let in light. This is a good option for open structures, they are easily rolled into a small roll.

Bamboo curtains

Natural materials have always been appreciated: straw, hemp or bamboo, they will create an eco-style if the veranda is made of wood. Bamboo outdoor blinds for gazebos are suitable for any design.

This solution is ideal for those who strive for originality and creativity. They will gently diffuse light during the day, bringing romance to any space. Vertical or horizontal bamboo blinds will be a good alternative to the traditions.

Protective curtains

In bad weather, it is better to have protective curtains open, they retain heat well. For additional heat, you can turn on the heater, its heat will remain. Awning curtains are an excellent barrier against any insects, rain and strong wind will not interfere with a relaxing holiday in nature.

The awning canvas is popular because of its versatility, it is made of tarpaulin or dacron, covered with polyvinyl chloride on top.

Synthetic fabrics covered with Teflon or acrylic special varnishes are sold. This ensures maximum resistance to fading from the sun, the treated material can withstand temperatures from - 25 ° C to +60 ° C.

PVC Curtains

PVC curtains for any verandas or gazebos will be reliable and protected, they will easily withstand any loads and bad weather with winds. These curtains are used all year round, they are not afraid of temperature changes.

Light and transparent curtains will create airiness to the room. Now there is a large selection of colors on sale. Stylishly decorate gazebos with colored or transparent PVC canvases. Fabric cord is added to colored canvases.

In terms of practicality and quality, these curtains are much more practical than analogues:

  • light, but very durable;
  • they stretch perfectly, keeping their original shape;
  • they easily tolerate wet weather;
  • they can be easily sewn.

To remove dirt from such canvases, you need to wipe them with a cloth that needs to be soaked in a soap solution. If a defect appears, it is easy to eliminate it with ordinary PVC glue.

Externally and in their functions, soft PVC curtains, although similar to fabric curtains, but they can be wrapped, lifted or tied up.

Products that combine transparent canvases with colored ones look original. Such unusual inserts will make the openings of the structure softer and more cozy.

We design a gazebo

Dozens of design variants of the gazebo will create a comfortable home aura for a country holiday. Light gauze fabrics will look romantic, colors can be chosen for every taste.

To get your bearings correctly, it is recommended to first look through fashion magazines, find the right sites. So it will be easier to find the style and color scheme of the design. For more comfort, light fabrics are more often chosen.

If you want naturalness, then the floral ornament on the curtains will fit organically, such an interior will continue the suburban landscape.

Those who do not like monochrome tones, in order to bring a pleasant variety to the atmosphere of relaxation, need canvases with contrasting shades or ornaments. A bright juicy palette of colors will bring a festive festive mood, it will never be boring with them.

Advice! The tones should be chosen such that the gazebo does not stand as an alien element of the suburban area, it should harmoniously fit into the overall design of the entire ensemble.

Properly selected curtains will create an atmosphere of coziness, home comfort and warmth. They will give you an excellent opportunity to breathe fresh air and relax while enjoying the surrounding landscape.

Designer collection in the photo of curtains for the gazebo.

Photo of curtains for a gazebo