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Crafts from plastic bottles — the best ideas for using plastic containers (80 photos)

For creative individuals, the process of creating decorative elements from improvised means is an exciting activity and a way to diversify their leisure time. The simplest and most unnecessary items used in everyday life can become raw materials.

Crafts for the garden and vegetable garden, the main material for which are plastic bottles and corks from them, are a worthy example of recycling secondary raw materials into useful things.

Bottles that nobody needs and in most cases lying around can decorate a suburban area and help create unique handmade author's items.

The advantages of DIY plastic bottles with your own hands include a whole list of advantages from using.

The main advantage of using plastic material is its availability, low cost and a large amount of the necessary raw materials. After all, most often unnecessary containers are lying around in the garage, in the pantry or on the balcony, waiting in the wings when they will be sent to the landfill or given a new life in the right hands.

Finished products are resistant to weather conditions. Snow, rain, wind, sun are not a hindrance to products made from plastic containers.

Plastic easily takes the desired shape under the influence of heat, this allows you to give crafts any shape and change the usual look.

It is easy to work with plastic, it is enough to have sharp scissors, a stationery knife, glue, wire and paints. It is easy to cut, bend, connect various parts and paint them in different colors.

Classes on making crafts from bottle plastic can be an exciting thing for children. This will teach them to show imagination, take their time usefully and give an idea of the value of simple things.

With the right organization, the process of creating things from plastic can become an exciting family leisure and a business that unites all the inhabitants of the house with a common goal.

To be inspired by the idea of creating jewelry for your suburban area and to learn possible options for the implementation of your ideas will help photos of crafts from plastic bottles, which embody the most amazing design ideas, and thanks to the skillful hands of masters, plastic has found a second life.

Ideas for a garden plot

To arrange a flower garden or a flower bed with the help of whole bottles or their parts is quite simple and is the easiest way to usefully get rid of unnecessary things.

The original design will not only be a worthy decoration of the site, but will also attract the attention of neighbors, so soon you will have to give a master class to everyone.

For beginners, a small memo will be useful before starting work, which will be useful for quick and pleasant work.

How to make crafts from plastic bottles for the gardenBefore work, you need to prepare all the necessary items – scissors, paints, awl, stationery knife, wire, acrylic-based paint, a simple pencil, cardboard, stapler, glue.

  • This set will greatly facilitate the process of creating unique decorations for a garden plot.
  • Be patient, maybe not everything will work out the first time.
  • Starting with simple things, flower pots and flower beds decoration is an easy task even for a child.
  • Plastic is easier to change shape when heated, it is enough to lower it into hot water or hold it over the fire.
  • It is much more pleasant to work with clean material, so you need to free the bottles from labels, wash and dry them.
  • It is more convenient to paint before cutting and shaping.

These are the simplest recommendations that will help you get started. With experience, an understanding will come of how best to act in each case.

Most often in the country it is required to zone the territory and fence off areas with different plants. The easiest thing is to dig the bottles along the perimeter of the flower bed. Thus, it is possible to protect the flower garden from soil precipitation, delimit the territory and decorate the habitat of flowering plants. Further options are possible.

Bottles stuck with their necks up may differ in the color of the corks or be the same.

You can turn it upside down. Then the width of the fence will become larger, and on a stable surface, if necessary, it is easy to place flower care tools.

The flowerbed looks original in the idea of a plastic ring made of bottles inserted into each other.

If you need to limit high plants with a mini-fence, then you can not dig in whole, but make a fence out of thin bottles.

Buying pots for flowers growing on the street is expensive and unwise when there is a huge amount of improvised materials available. Having cut off the upper part, we get a ready-made flower pot, and the top will be useful for decorating a ground flowerbed. While growing seedlings, this is a great way to save on containers for growing seedlings.

From large containers, with a volume of 3 to 5 liters, wonderful flowerbeds are obtained, which need to be filled with earth, without forgetting about the drainage system, and arranged around the site as you like.

Flowers grow not only in flower beds. Climbing plants look beautiful in a suspended state, hanging with green branches and decorating the space. You can make a hanging planter by cutting the bottle in half lengthwise or across, and then thread a wire to fix the finished product.

These are the simplest options for the implementation of ideas for the design of flower beds, flowerbeds, the organization of suspended and ground flower systems.

Country decorations for children

Little summer residents will be delighted with colored plastic butterflies, exotic palm trees and funny animals. All this can be done using plastic containers.

Clear step-by-step instructions on how to make crafts and decorate your site with butterflies:

  • Cut the neck and cut the bottle lengthwise.
  • Expand the resulting piece and press down with something heavy to straighten the edges.
  • Make cardboard stencils of butterflies with different wing shapes of several sizes.
  • Spray paint or acrylic paint a plastic blank.
  • Attach a stencil and circle with a pencil.
  • Carefully cut along the contour.
  • Bend in the center and fasten with a stapler or wire.

The finished butterfly will be an excellent decoration for a flower garden or an exotic garden made of plastic, and you can attach it with a thin wire or glue it.

Children's crafts made of plastic bottles in the form of piglets are obtained from large containers. The neck becomes a piglet, and the ears are made from pieces left over from other products, or cut from the same bottle from above.

To create a garden of exotic plants, it is easy to make palm trees and trees. To do this, the necks are cut off from brown bottles and inserted into each other. It will be a trunk. The leaves can be made from colored green or colored colorless pieces.

Application of traffic jams

A lot of crafts made of plastic bottle caps are suitable not only for the design of the country area, but also for decorating windows and doorways. Corks strung on a wire or fishing line will become spectacular curtains.

It is easiest to pierce them with an awl, but it is not recommended to trust this work to children, because of the density of the material, the risk of injury is high.

Country paths lined with traffic jams also look very unusual. At the same time, you can create real masterpieces of mosaic art by combining colors and forming patterns.

Corks will also be useful for arranging the floor on the country veranda, it will be a bright and very beautiful piece of decor.

When there are a lot of traffic jams, they can be poured into transparent containers and placed around the garden. Bright and colorful original jewelry has no practical value, but it looks very unusual.

In the right hands, the materials at hand really cannot be useless. Imagination, creative thought and a little free time – that's all that is required to create a unique design in a suburban area.

Photos of crafts made of plastic bottles