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Crafts for cottages — ideas of beautiful and original decorations for the plot (90 photos)

Everyone associates vacation at the dacha in their own way. Someone grows fruits and vegetables, someone sunbathes in the sun, and for some people a dacha is a place to realize their creative potential. But after going to the store, the desire to decorate the garden often disappears, because the prices even for small accessories often bite. In this case, you should do everything yourself.

Of course, the beautiful design of the suburban area with their own hands brings pleasure to the owner, attracts the attention of others.

When creating a decor for a private plot with your own hands, you will also be able to get rid of a lot of unnecessary things. After all, a lot of those items that you have not used for a long time will turn into an original garden decor.

As a basis for the implementation of your ideas, you can use such subjects:

  • an old tire;
  • broken pieces of furniture or transport;
  • unnecessary dishes, plastic bottles, glass jars;
  • household appliances;
  • pipes or fittings;
  • branches or logs.
  • worn shoes or clothes.

Before you throw away these things, look at what crafts for the garden and cottages they can turn out to be.

Distinctive features

Any crafts for the cottage with their own hands characterize the owner of the house. In addition, they have a number of other advantages.

The process of creating decorative elements captivates family members. Such classes in an interesting playful way teach children to hard work. Little helpers have a rich imagination, so they will be able to enrich the arsenal of your garden ideas.

A significant advantage of such creativity is its cheapness. To create design masterpieces, you can use any material that is convenient for you.

You can do only what you can find in the house, or you can visit a specialized store and purchase some additional materials. Here everyone decides independently, focusing on the idea and the free amount of money.

Creating crafts from improvised means is a great way to pass the time for an interesting activity. The creative process always enriches a person with positive emotions, as well as increases self-esteem. And your creation will delight not only the household for a long time, but also all the guests.

Perhaps the most important advantage of such an activity is speed. After all, to create such a decorating element, you do not need special knowledge and skills, it will not take much time.

All the necessary tools are available in the home of every housewife. You only need to decide on the necessary craft that will fit the style of your site, allocate a little time and apply imagination.

Decor with plastic bottles

People who have experience in creating garden decor do not throw away plastic containers, but turn them into interesting figures. Bright birds, animals and plants made of plastic will become an original decoration for the backyard, will make it more fun. To learn, it is enough to look at photos of crafts for the cottage and a description of them.

With the help of plastic bottles, various fences are created effortlessly, dividing the space of a flower bed or a vegetable garden, openwork curtains for a door, or a bird feeder. Such crafts perform not only a decorative function, they are also practical.

In addition, plastic containers can be used to make sculptures that enliven the infield, give it originality and beauty.

A decorative deer is easily created from a brown bottle with a volume of five liters. To make such a craft for landscape design, cut off the neck of a large bottle and install a half-liter bottle at the cut point so that its bottom is at the bottom. Self-tapping screws can be used to connect the parts.

It is necessary to attach another liter bottle to the neck of the second bottle so that it is at a right angle. This design should have the appearance of the trunk, neck and head of the animal. The legs for the animal are made of wooden slats. They need to be placed at the bottom of the bottle in pre-prepared slots.

Next, you need to cut out the ears and tail from plastic and place them. At the final stage, the craft is painted with brown and white paint. Two wooden twigs will replace our animal's horns.

There are a huge number of variants of such sculptures. Their popularity can be explained by practicality. When creating a shape, you can use different parts of the bottle. Due to the characteristics of plastic, such crafts for a flower bed or garden are durable, serve for a long time.

The material is easily cut, the elements can be connected in different ways: glue, stitch, screw. When creating plastic structures, there are no restrictions in the color scheme. If you haven't found the right shade of material, you can paint it.

Wooden crafts

No less popular are decorative crafts made of wood. After all, it will not be difficult for residents of private houses and summer residents to find a suitable tree. The range of material is quite wide. You can create masterpieces from logs, branches, old stumps, boxes or unnecessary boards.

Wooden decorative elements have been actively used for a long time in almost every area. Most of the plots have gazebos, benches, children's swings and decorative fences on the territory. And the presence of original lamps, vases or birdhouses will emphasize the style and sophistication of the landscape.

The second life of tires

Decorating elements from old tires are created quite simply. After all, this material is soft and easily deformable. Such crafts serve for the garden and garden as fences, flower beds or paths. Children's swings, exclusive pieces of furniture, as well as mats are created from tires.

Thanks to the durable and elastic material, the tire can turn into original flowerpots. Having created a beautiful figure of an animal or bird, plants are planted in it. Such flower beds are always attractive and interesting.

And since the tire material is quite resistant to moisture and other environmental factors, these crafts will delight the eye for many years.

The process of creating decorative crafts is interesting and fascinating. It gives a person the opportunity to be creative. Therefore, regardless of the choice of shape and material, making decorative figurines, you get pleasure.

Photos of crafts for cottages