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Country washbasin — review and selection of heated options. 95 photos of application in design

If you do not have the opportunity or desire to conduct plumbing to the country, then there is an alternative – to install an autonomous device for washing hands — a washbasin. You can make it yourself or purchase it. At your choice.

In this article you will learn how to choose a washbasin and how to make a washbasin for giving yourself from improvised means, what will be the approximate costs. You won't need any special skills to install it. Here you can take a look at the photo of the washbasin in the country.

Craftsmen will not miss the opportunity to make a country washbasin with their own hands, relying on their talent. A very easy way, accessible to a child, is to make it from a medium–sized plastic bottle. Cut off the bottom of the bottle, if you want, then cut it off not completely to get a shape similar to the attached lid of the kettle, turn the bottom up and, having twisted the neck and bottom with a wire or rope, tie it to a tree trunk or support.

Then let the cap of the bottle itself play the role of a tap: a little opened — the water flowed in a thin stream, closed – the water does not leak. The design is suitable for a completely uninhabited environment where there are no buildings.

The second way to assemble a washbasin is to take a bucket that will function as a water tank. For this purpose, any bucket will do, even from plastic, even from metals, it is important that it has a lid to cover the container and dirt from the environment does not get into it.

To get water out of the bucket, we plan a place, most often at the bottom of the bucket or on the side, and drill a hole, preferably from below so that not a drop of stagnant water remains in the bucket. After inserting a sanitary pad into the hole, fix it with two lock nuts, not forgetting to put two gaskets.

We screw a tap or a valve to the fold and fix the container either on the racks or on the wall, although it is possible on a pole. For more convenient use, it is advisable to put some kind of sink under the container, and put a bucket under it at the bottom so that the used water does not spill.

It should be added that in the same way it is possible to make a tank in the country of any size and intended for any purpose.

Very often, inventors-summer residents can surprise themselves with their ingenuity. They use all sorts of tanks, baths, 100-liter tanks as a reservoir for the water-saving function, and the sink is usually installed very old, having outlived its past at home, but still retaining a pretty good look.

A certain inventor developed and implemented in life a washbasin with squeezing out water with his foot – the accumulator is stirred at the bottom, and by pressing with his foot on a special rubber bulb that connects to the tank with a tube, and because of the created pressure, water is poured out. It is very useful and convenient when you can not take the handles with your hands.

If warm water is required

A heated washbasin is more pleasant and acceptable for the cottage. In the absence of water supply in the suburban area, it will not only reduce the difficulties due to its absence, and even heat it, which is very important in the cold. It is better to install it in a garden house, in a place convenient for the consumer, in the middle of the house or on the terrace, closer to the place where the heater outlet is located.

A small heating element works as a heating device. Some models of a heated country washbasin are equipped with a temperature control device and are able to turn off automatically if the water has reached the set temperature. Usually, washbasins of this type are made similar to a high pedestal, on which a container with water hangs from above.

The drain bucket used to drain dirty water is placed at the bottom of the cabinet itself, exactly under the sink. This design is similar to the "moidodyr" washbasin, thus a washbasin with a pedestal is obtained.

On the water tank there is a faucet for the washbasin, similar to the taps that we are used to using at home. The heated hand basin is made of plastic, and the steel profile is made of stainless steel, it can be quickly disassembled or assembled. It is easily transported even in a car trunk.

Country washbasins on the counter

Among the many outdoor washbasins and washbasins that are hung on something, are installed more often outside, there are tanks with a metal support.

By pressing the foot on the metal lever located at the bottom of the support, the horns are dug into the ground, which makes it possible for the washbasin to stand anywhere in the area where there is a loose surface, regardless of the presence of supports nearby, they become very convenient. It is possible to put such a hand basin at least in the center of the plot among different plants.

Washbasins outside the house

A street washbasin will always be needed in every cottage, in any suburban area. Picking it up is not a problem at all. Having bought a washbasin, look first of all at what it was made from.

At the dacha, a stainless steel washbasin with a plastic frame is most suitable, because in this case it will not deteriorate from water. And the wooden frame, on the contrary, will rot relatively quickly.

Regarding the design, a washbasin with a bedside table and a heater is most preferable, since it is much more convenient, but its biggest disadvantage is current consumption. If you appear at the dacha only in the summer, you will have enough of an ordinary hanging washbasin.

We all get very used to the advantages of living in a civilized world, because the disappearance of any of them brings us too many unpleasant inconveniences and irritation.

In the absence of a centralized water supply at the dacha, there is an urgent need for a reservoir accumulating water for the purpose of washing food, washing hands and face.

Whatever the washbasin in the garden, even with a heater or an ordinary barrel with a tap, it will definitely add at least a little comfort during your stay in the country. About what are the main types of washbasins for cottages, where they are made from, how to choose or how to design it yourself, we have discussed above, it only remains for you to make a choice: buy or make it yourself.

Having a summer cottage, and a washbasin on it, you deprive yourself of the problems associated with dirty hands after working on the ground, and therefore from the danger of contracting worms. And if you add to it a wide bedside table, heating, then you will have an increased level of comfort in the country.

Photo of a country washbasin