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Closed gazebos — review of the best projects with drawings, photos and videos

Remember the brilliant lines of Vladimir Vysotsky: "In the hustle and bustle of cities and traffic, We are returning, there is simply nowhere to go ..."

In fact, how I want to take a break from all the daily worries, sit in silence, stop and think about the past, present, future. It is this natural human desire for unity with nature, the desire for peace of mind and peace of mind, is the main reason for the popularity of suburban areas today.

Looking at the sites with their descriptions, we involuntarily stop our gaze at the photos of a closed gazebo displayed there – convenient, comfortable, beautiful. And why not make such a gazebo at home? What is needed for this and where to start? You can find answers to these questions and many others on this topic in this article.

Of course, you know, there are two types of gazebos: open and closed. However, let's focus on their features, advantages and disadvantages – this will allow you to make an informed choice that will please you and your family, friends and relatives.

An open gazebo is much simpler in its design and, accordingly, it is easier to build, it will cost significantly cheaper. However, as you know: if you want to relax all year round, it often rains in your area and in general — you plan to spend nights in the gazebo, it is unlikely to suit you.

The closed view is devoid of these disadvantages. Neither snow, nor wind, nor midges are terrible here. With all that, it is more difficult to build a closed gazebo, you need to spend much more effort, its cost will be higher.

The choice is yours, and if it has already been made in favor of the second option, read on.

What is a closed gazebo? A simple question, but the answer to it is not so obvious. It's not just walls and a roof, a gazebo of this type can be equipped with a whole range of amenities: from the power grid, to the heating system, plumbing, and in general, it can be a miniature holiday house. Another common option is a gazebo with a barbecue.

The gazebo itself can be an independent, free-standing structure, or made in the form of an extension to the main building. However, a separate one, installed in the depths of the garden, is more preferable — here you can fully experience all the delights of peace and quiet.

A closed summer house can be made using different styles, it all depends on the taste of the owner and the chosen design prevailing on the site. It can be classic or something in the Art Nouveau style, in any case, the structure should be in harmony with the surrounding space.

Well, we have decided what our gazebo will be. We turn to the issue of planning and choosing the material.

We are planning. Choosing the material for construction

It is necessary to start planning after getting acquainted with what types of enclosed gazebos exist, and then decide which one is right for you.

In order for our construction to please for many years, to be durable, warm, cozy – it is necessary to choose the right material for construction.

As a rule, gazebos are built of three types of material:

Tree. The best option. Easy to process, beautiful, natural – these are just some of the qualities that make wood attractive and the most common type of building material.

However, there are also a number of disadvantages: fire hazard, poor resistance to moisture and changes in weather conditions, as a result – a short service life.

Stone. For the gazebo, either natural stone is used – granite, marble, or brick. In this case, the advantages are obvious: durability, resistance to weather changes and moisture, fire safety, the beauty of natural stone.

The disadvantages include the high costs of warming up in winter, the complexity of working with stone, although this does not apply to brick, high cost, and the large weight of the structure forces a more thorough approach to the construction of the foundation, which affects the cost of the entire structure.

Metal. Such gazebos are gaining popularity. They are usually made entirely of glass, only the frame is made of metal.

Such gazebos look very good, but they are not the best view for winter conditions and are more of a protected summer option.

So, the choice of material is yours. However, exactly what we will build from largely determines the features of future work.

When creating a project of a closed gazebo, it is important to take into account the material from which it will be built, as well as a number of other points:

  • It is necessary to choose the most optimal type of foundation. In this case, the type of building material will be fundamental. For a wooden gazebo, the foundation is simpler and cheaper. For stone buildings, a monolithic slab or ribbon foundation is usually required;
  • Determine the type of roof and, accordingly, the type of roofing material;
  • Determine the architectural style of the gazebo;
  • If you plan to install a barbecue, you need to think in advance where and how it will be mounted. In this case, it is necessary to keep in mind the requirements of fire safety;
  • Think about the ventilation system, and, if necessary, the chimney;
  • Think about what engineering communications will be brought to the gazebo, how they will run through the territory of the suburban area. Pre-determine the installation locations in the gazebo room of electric lights, water supply systems, if any;
  • Carefully plan what windows will be, how the glazing will be carried out in general.
  • At the dacha itself, choose a place where your gazebo will be located. Think about how and where the sidewalks or paths will pass, what they will be made of.

Getting to work

When all organizational issues are resolved, the place is selected, the project is ready, it remains to answer — how to make a gazebo, where to start and what to do.

Depending on what type of building you have chosen, stone, metal or wooden, the technology of construction work will be different. However, there is a general algorithm, more precisely, a certain sequence of construction and installation works:

  • You need to start with marking on the ground. Take measurements, mark where it will be located, draw the future perimeter. Mark up the foundation;
  • Carry out the necessary excavation work. Dig a moat for the foundation, its depth should be greater than the depth of freezing of the soil. If necessary, dig ditches for engineering systems;
  • They make the foundation itself, wait for its readiness. The concrete or mortar must completely harden;
  • Install floor beams. They do waterproofing;
  • They build walls. If it is a frame structure, the frame is mounted;
  • Building a roof. Install the drainage system and install the roof. In general, the question of how to close the gazebo must be solved at the design stage. The roof is an important element and the comfort and comfort of your rest, as well as the durability of the entire structure, largely depends on how carefully it will be executed.;
  • Install floors in the room, install utilities, ventilation;
  • Carry out finishing works indoors and outdoors;
  • Produce glazing of windows or gazebos in general;
  • They make tracks.

Modern metal–plastic windows can be used as windows - they are convenient, practical, but not always suitable for the chosen design.


Very often, the gazebo is equipped with a barbecue or a stove, and in view of the importance of this moment, it is worth dwelling on it in more detail.

In general, it is better to install a stove or barbecue before the roof is made, since it will be much easier to do it after the chimney is installed.

For installation, it is better to provide special structural elements in the foundation in advance. It is better to cover the floor around with ceramic tiles.


Remember about ventilation. In a gazebo with a barbecue or oven, it should be effective and fully ventilate the room.

During operation, do not forget about the rules of fire safety. Pre-prepare a fire extinguisher, let it be located in a prominent place and easily accessible.


A gazebo in the country is a very interesting and useful element. Look at the photos of ready-made gazebos on the websites: you will notice their diversity, you will be able to appreciate all the advantages and beauty. Remember about the style and rules of planning of the country territory, the finished gazebo should be combined and harmoniously fit into the space.

Photos of closed gazebos