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Children's swing with their own hands: 80 photos of the best options for simple and high-quality swings

For many years, children's swings have not lost their popularity. In the modern world, with the advent of various gadgets, children spend more and more time at home. Therefore, if the yard or cottage is equipped with modern attractions, swings — this is an extra reason to spend time outdoors.

Baby swings perform a number of important functions aimed at the development of the child:

  • brighten up your free time;
  • harden the vestibular apparatus;
  • develop coordination of body movements;
  • they give positive emotions due to the release of adrenaline;
  • reduce stress during the period of smooth swaying.

If it is not possible to purchase a swing in the store or there are worries about the safety of the baby, then you can make them yourself. This will save money and come up with an individual design. According to photos and drawings of children's swings, the advice of masters on the Internet, you can make a strong and reliable design.

Some parents, wanting to make a swing for their child, use improvised materials — car tires, plastic pipes, ropes and so on.

However, in order to make them correctly, first you need to:

  •  choose the type of construction;
  •  execute the drawing;
  •  purchase materials;
  •  prepare the necessary tools.

If you have an idea to make a suspended children's swing, first you need to dig shallow pits for supporting supports. For this work, you can use a shovel or a hand drill. If the frame for the swing is metal, then before putting the pole in the pit, its bottom should be lubricated with substances that prevent the formation of metal corrosion.

At the bottom of the pit, pour crushed stone and sand and bury the support pillars, and pour concrete on top. After mounting the support pillars, a crossbar must be welded to them from above, to which the seat will be attached. In the center of it you need to fix the bearings.

The seat can be attached by welding metal pipes, hung on a chain or fixed on a rope. Seat — wooden boards, old chairs and other accessories.

Swing from a car tire

When designing a swing in a suburban area, it is necessary to show imagination, especially if the site is planted with trees. After all, it is a thick, strong tree branch that can be used instead of a u-shaped frame structure. A seat in the form of a car tire can be attached to it on a chain or rope.

To fix it, you first need to prepare the tire. To do this, we put a marking on it in the form of a rectangle, cut out this piece of rubber, turn the tire with the tread inside and attach a chain or rope to it.

A car tire gives a huge scope for creativity, you can cut a horse, a bike out of it, or fix it as a bungee. Thus, you can get the simplest model of a children's swing for a cottage, which does not require much effort.

Indoor swing — how to fix it correctly

Suspended swings have a huge demand than ordinary floor swings, as it is much easier to make them. In order to make a swing indoors, you will need the following: a strong rope, hooks screwed into the wall, a seat and improvised tools.

It is important to understand that when installing a swing indoors, not every design will fit. And it is important that the weight that they can withstand is limited, especially if the children's swing for the house will be fixed in the area of the doorway.

We drill the hooks to the top of the opening, secure the seat with ropes and put them on the hooks.

Swing-balancer — construction technology

In addition to suspended, ground-based swings are very popular among street swings on the site. Which are also easy to do yourself. Let's consider a typical scheme for installing a load balancer, which is easiest to perform them from a tree.

The following devices are used: wooden beams, logs, boards, wood processing tools and paint or varnish. First, the lower frame is constructed with a length of about one meter. Then, with the help of screws, support posts are attached to it at an angle or struts.

After that, two parallel bars are installed along the entire length of the balancing board, 2-3 m long, and smaller bars are fixed between them - about one meter.

This structure is mounted with screws or glue for carpentry. Seats and handles are made along the edges of the balancer. And a hole is drilled in the middle to attach it to the base.

Swing for the youngest

On the playground for children there should be devices that would correspond to the different ages of children. Swing-pendulum is in demand among kids. It's easy to make a spring swing for a playground yourself. You will need car springs.

You can choose a reinforcement crosspiece as the base, to which a metal anchor is attached by welding. First, a pit is also dug, the base is prepared for the installation of a metal structure. Then, as in the previous versions, all this is poured with concrete.

A seat is attached to the spring, which can be made based on the imagination of the master. For a girl, you can make a horse out of boards, for a boy — a motorcycle or a car.

The optimal choice of a children's slide

When starting to design a slide, it is important to take into account that the height of the slide should be two times less than its length. And at the exit from the vertical section, it is necessary to equip a flat braking platform.

It is also important to make railings and fencing. This will protect the child from a possible fall and helps to climb the slide itself.

And what the vertical exit will be made of — metal or plastic, it is up to the master to choose.  If a tree is chosen as the material of a children's slide for a private house, then several wooden beams and boards will be needed.

Complex arrangement of the playground

To create it, you will need the same skills as when creating a slide. It is only worth considering how its main elements will be located in relation to each other — a horizontal bar, a slide, ropes and so on. First, it is necessary to mount the slide, then we gradually attach the remaining parts to it.

We prepare the supports, install and concrete them. Then, using self-tapping screws, we mount the remaining transverse and longitudinal load-bearing beams to them. And we already attach swings, fences, railings and so on to them.

It is important not to forget to take into account that the children's play complex fits into the boundaries of the allotted area. Therefore, it is advisable to complete the drawings first.

You can create this complex on a specific theme, depending on your imagination. Make a fabulous house or ship with a descent down in the form of a slide and ropes.

Photos of children's swings with their own hands