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Chainsaw — selection of professional and household tools from leading manufacturers (75 photos)

Every summer resident or owner of his own house knows that there is no way to do without a saw on a garden plot. And almost everyone has repeatedly wondered what kind of it is better, what kind of power is needed. With the help of a saw, it is easy to replenish the stocks of the woodcutter for the cold season, prune fruit-bearing trees or make saws by constructing benches or gazebos.

Of course, they used to do quite well with standard hand tools: a hacksaw and a saw. But over time, technology has advanced much further, so now almost everyone can buy a chainsaw with excellent characteristics.

However, the choice of a certain brand of chainsaw should be approached very responsibly, so that it is of high quality and powerful enough to withstand active operation when harvesting firewood, construction work or seasonal in the garden.

Qualified specialists believe that when choosing a chainsaw, it is necessary to have some knowledge about them. For example, to know what classes they are divided into and how they differ. The photo shows some models of chainsaws.

There are classes into which professionals divide the range of manufactured tools:

  • low power or amateur;
  • semi-professional, mainly for construction work;
  • professional, used for felling massive trees over large areas.

But the main thing you need to know about chainsaws is their technical properties.

Amateur chainsaws

Low-power or amateur chainsaw models have low power and endurance, since their working period is about 30 minutes a day, with a longer duration of operation and increased load, they will quickly become unusable.

The power of such chainsaws is 2 kW. They are equipped with special low profile chains, due to which the degree of vibration during operation is reduced. But the performance at the same time remains low. They are mainly used for sawing firewood for the winter and when pruning tree branches.

This model is equipped with a gasoline-powered internal combustion engine, as a result of which it is convenient, does not put a load on your hands and perfectly helps in small garden tasks or repairs in the house. If the house is not large and does not require special support in the required form, then the Makita chainsaw is ideal.

The model "Calm 180" is produced by another company, but also belongs to this class. When choosing a saw, you should focus on their technical parameters.

Semi-professional chainsaws

Semi-professional models are more powerful models that can withstand increased loads during construction-related work. This class includes a huge range of models with increased power, which are used when performing work (timber shaft, large-scale construction).

But their disadvantage is not being able to do the work for a longer time. It is impossible to work with them day and night, since the tool may become unusable from the load.

The power of this class is 2-3 kW, the tire size is 40 cm long, the chainsaw weight is approximately 6 kg. Such models will be useful for minor construction work and in the garden.

Professional chainsaws

The most powerful (from 2.8 to 6 kW) belong to the professional class. They are in demand for works of varying complexity and duration. But there is no need to purchase them for a country or household farm, since they are suitable for larger-scale or long-term work. For example, when cutting down forests on a large territory or building a bathhouse-type structure.

Chainsaws are stable, the period of their operation can reach up to 2 thousand hours, without needing repair, they weigh more than 7 kg, which requires good physical fitness from summer residents.

It follows from this that for daily or seasonal work of ordinary complexity, the best option would be a semi-professional chainsaw. For works of increased complexity, it is worth paying attention to high-quality echo models at affordable prices.


The most significant factor when choosing a certain brand of saw is power, since its operability, cutting depth and speed of action depend on it. To purchase a high-quality tool at an optimal price, you need to calculate the possible load on it in advance. So, for small garden work, a model with a power of 2 kW is quite suitable.

For construction work on their own, it is better to give preference to modern models with power indicators of 2-2.6 kW. But remember, the higher the power rating, the heavier the tool is.

Types and size of tires

In addition to power, you should pay attention to the chainsaw tires and their size. They are made with tires of different types:

  • flat and narrow type, which are made from ordinary saws for household needs. One of their components is a low profile chain, thanks to it there is no reverse impact and the risk of injury is reduced;
  • lightweight plan consisting of two steel plates to facilitate the construction and weight of the tool. Easy to work with;
  • with the presence of replaceable heads that are professional. They are produced for powerful saws used for a long time, even daily. They are used for large-scale work related to sawing or felling trees.

The length of the tire also matters. Long — it is convenient to work with bars of considerable thickness and makes it easier to cut deep, but the power should correspond to this. A low-power model will cut slowly, consuming a lot of fuel. Besides, it will quickly become unusable.

Each model has instructions indicating the optimal tire length that suits it. It is absolutely impossible to increase the size of the tire, it is possible to apply a shortened version.

Choosing between models with the same power indicators, it is worth giving preference to the one with a smaller tire size, since its operating speed is several times higher.

Chain Selection

The speed parameters and the amount of work performed are greatly influenced by the steps of the saw chain, which come in the following sizes: 0.325; 3/8; 0.404 inches. This indicator is the same for everyone, but you need to have some ideas about it.

Both the pitch and the length size must match the power:

  • 0.325 inches is suitable for low-power models with low-profile chains, with little vibration;
  • 3/8 and 0.404 are designed for long-term use and large volumes of work. But to work with frozen wood or dirty, it is better to use special chains for saws.

When repairing the tool, it is worth using spare parts from the same manufacturer.

Backstroke protection

The rebound of the saw in the direction of the sawing is called a reverse blow. Most often this happens when the tire hits the edge of the wood. When buying, it is necessary to clarify in the store the presence of impact protection, which happens: brake and in the form of a shield.

The brake is a more common option, outwardly similar to a lever device that has two modes. At the beginning of operation, the lever is set to the mode closest to the hand, when it hits, it spontaneously switches and turns off the saw.

It is also worth finding out if there is vibration protection. You can even do a small test by turning on the saw. Low-power models do not vibrate much, thanks to rubber gaskets.

Before buying, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the models of chainsaws from the best manufacturers, as well as to study their technical characteristics.

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