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A sauna made of timber with your own hands — 120 real photos of ready-made solutions. Step-by-step instructions for beginners

In the modern world, with a fairly fast pace of life, it is very difficult to relax. But it can be simply necessary for the body.

Health is the most important thing in every person's life and it must be taken care of very carefully. A sauna will help a modern person in this difficult task. It has the most positive effect on well-being. In addition, the bath relaxes the body and improves blood flow.

To build a bathhouse from a bar with your own hands is not the easiest thing. But nothing is impossible for a person who has a desire. In this case, it is important to draw up a detailed work plan, an accurate scheme and choose a durable building material.

For the construction of a bathhouse, a ribbon foundation is most suitable. First you need to make a trench. Its perimeter should be slightly larger than the future construction. Next, it is necessary to lay out a sand-gravel cushion and a reinforcing mesh. In conclusion, it is necessary to install the formwork and pour concrete.

The height of the foundation should be calculated depending on the degree of freezing of the soil. The optimal size is 0.7-1 m. The foundation hardens within 4 weeks. After the foundation has completely solidified, it is necessary to cover it with waterproofing material.

It is necessary to apply bitumen to the surface of the base first, and then roofing material. The operation is performed twice. It is important to wait for the bitumen to harden.

To lay the first crown, it is necessary to use wooden slats with a thickness of 150 mm. Before putting them on the foundation, it is necessary to treat the slats with an antiseptic. The distance between them should be at least 300 mm. Slats are needed to prevent the process of rotting. The first crown is laid on them.

During the construction of the walls, it is very important to use the level. The first crown should be covered with thermal insulation material. The second crown must be fixed with wooden nagels.

Only after the complete shrinkage of the wood can you start the construction of the roof. This is one of the most difficult stages in construction. First you need to put the construction beams. Next, attach construction legs to them. If a roof made of sheet material is provided in the bathhouse project, then a frame is needed.

It is worth thinking about protecting the roof from external factors. Galvanized iron will help in this matter. In conclusion, it is necessary to sew up the roof fronts. This can be done with siding or a wooden board.

The main stages of the construction of a standard bathhouse are listed here.

Many, wondering how to make a bath, believe that for this purpose it is necessary to call a team of builders. But in fact, even for a person without experience, the construction of a bathhouse will not be difficult, and he can cope with the construction on his own.

If it is difficult for a novice builder to imagine what a future building should look like, then a photo of a bath made of timber can be found on numerous websites or in magazines, the main theme of which is to carry out construction work. It is also necessary to make a plan and a drawing.

Is glued timber environmentally friendly?

Lamellas are completely made of wood and it is impossible to doubt their environmental friendliness. But the glue that is used in the construction of a bath made of glued beams is quite toxic. From the point of view of ecology, this building material is not recommended for use. Although there are adhesive compounds that are considered less harmful. These include EPI.

But still, most manufacturers prefer to use polyurethane composition, which is famous for its harmful substances. And this adhesive composition is used more often, because it is one of the cheapest.

Thus, it can be concluded that the construction of a bathhouse from this material is not a good solution. This is due to the fact that the walls in such a structure will not breathe. There is also the possibility of poisoning by harmful substances that the glue releases during heating.

Profiled timber as a material for the construction of baths

Profiled timber is considered one of the most environmentally friendly building materials. It began to be used in construction more than 15 years ago, this technology came to Russia from the Finns.

The bathhouse made of profiled timber has both its pros and cons. The positive aspects include the ease of assembly. Indeed, using this technology, you can assemble a bathhouse like a children's designer.

There is also good thermal insulation in such a bath. This is due to the locking connections. Another advantage is the correct geometric shape.

The disadvantages of this design include natural humidity. Possible cracking of the walls and distortion of the structure.

It is better to take building material in winter, as it has a humidity that is similar to chamber drying.

Additional extensions to the bathhouse

Very often, especially in the hot summer period, you want to get out of the steam room and plunge into the atmosphere of peace and comfort, in the fresh air. In order not to spoil the rest of the bad weather, it is recommended to erect a terrace.

A sauna with a terrace is a dream of many people, which can easily be realized by building a terrace between a sauna and a residential building. The advantage of this idea is that you don't have to look for a place to cook or wait for the rain to end.

But it is worth considering that it would be better to build an extension so that it rests against a blank wall of the house. This is necessary so that the smoke from the chimney does not get into the windows of the dwelling.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it is very important to calculate the budget before you start building a bathhouse. If a person is not sure that he has enough funds to bring the construction to the end, then it is better not to take up this case. On the other hand, a compromise can be found. It lies in the fact that there are budget options for baths.

To choose a structure that would suit all parameters, you need to familiarize yourself with a variety of options.

Photos of ready-made baths can be found on the Internet or in reference books and magazines on construction. If you decide to build a bathhouse yourself for the first time, it is recommended to choose the option as simple as possible. Do not aim at buildings with confusing drawings. Not everyone can immediately understand all the subtleties.

A private bath is a dream of many people, but not everyone can decide to build it. The sauna brings comfort and harmony to a person's life. It allows you to let go of all important things for a while and take care of your health.

People who lived several centuries ago considered the bathhouse a cure for all diseases. It is proved that the bath effect has a very positive effect on human immunity.

Photos of baths made of timber