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Barbecue with your own hands — instructions on how to make metal and brick (100 photos of new products)

It is hard to imagine any trip to the countryside or to the country without the sacrament of cooking shish kebab. It is the cooking of meat on coals that is associated with such a rest, because the smell of a campfire gives originality to this type of rest. The majority of the population believes that cooking shish kebab is a purely male occupation. Read here: Household unit for cottages.

The taste of shish kebab depends not only on the skill of marinating, but also, of course, on the instrument on which its preparation takes place. And this mechanism is a barbecue. After all, a delicious and hearty barbecue is the key to a great outdoor recreation.

The main tips for marinating meat are:

  • do not abuse the use of sauces, sour milk and mayonnaise;
  • use natural products for marinade, such as vinegar or wine, onions, herbs, spices.
  • cut the pieces for shish kebab into cubes with a side size of at least 4-5 cm.
  • use the "Right barbecue". Read here: about awnings.

Its dimensions should allow you to place skewers with sufficient spaces between them. The width of the grill should be equal to the length of the skewers minus 12-18 cm. The length of the grill must be calculated based on the calculation that each skewer will have about 8-10 cm. The height above the coals should not be more than 10 cm, and the depth should be about 20-25 cm.

And, of course, for the convenience of cooking, it is necessary to have slots for skewers along its entire length. The thickness of the walls should be thick enough.

Also, you do not need to clean off the soot from the inside of the walls at all – because this gives a special taste to the meat. It is necessary to make holes in the side walls closer to the bottom to facilitate the flow of air.

Making a barbecue

Where should I start when making a barbecue? First you need to decide on the type of barbecue that you want to make. The sizes of barbecues are different depending on the needs, as a result of which they are divided into stationary and portable.

Depending on the need, it is necessary to choose the material for making a self-made barbecue. Next, we will look at all types of barbecues from the simplest to the most complex.

Metal grill

The most popular type is a brazier made of sheet steel. The advantages of this type are cheapness, ease of assembly and minimum labor costs.

For its manufacture, you can use pieces of sheet metal, a steel cylinder or a barrel in combination with pipe and corner trimmings. And since there is a high probability that this material may just be lying around at your dacha at hand in the form of unnecessary junk, the grill will not require any financial costs from you at all.

The second advantage is the ease of assembly. Every person who knows how to use welding at least a little will be able to design and assemble a metal grill of virtually any complexity without any problems. Yes, when using corners, you can do without welding at all, and use special holes, bolt and nuts for connection.

Also, these barbecues are very mobile. And most importantly, you can creatively approach the creation of a barbecue, and all this pile of junk will become your creative masterpiece that you can be proud of.

The disadvantages of such barbecues may be insufficiently thick walls, due to their ability to burn out quickly. As a result, rust will appear on the walls and will definitely lead your structure under strong heating.

Making a barbecue without using welding

To make a barbecue with your own hands without welding is possible in two ways: fastening with corners, bolts and nuts or grooves. A grill with grooves will be very useful in nature due to the ease of assembly and compactness during transportation.

Before starting the assembly, you need to stock up on the following materials:

  • sheet material in the required amount 2-4 mm thick;
  • metal corners for legs;
  • tools: drill, grinder, vise, hammer and hacksaw for metal.

The order of execution of works:

  • on the metal we make markings for the bottom and walls of the metal.
  • according to the marking, we cut the metal using a grinder or a hacksaw for metal.
  • for ease of assembly, bend the bottom of the side walls with a vise and a hammer.
  • for long walls, bend the edges adjacent to the short walls in a similar way.
  • on the sidewalls and legs, we make grooves for connecting with each other.
  • on long walls we make slots for skewers (preferably 2 types of 4 cm and 7 cm). It is recommended to make slots of different depths to be able to regulate the heat supplied to the cooking product by placing it lower or higher above the coals.
  • at the bottom of the long sides with a drill we make holes with a diameter of about 12 mm.
  • it will be useful and convenient to make handles for carrying on shorter walls.
  • and finally we assemble the resulting structure.

An example of a drawing of a collapsible barbecue is shown in the photo below and at the end of the article in the gallery. This is certainly not the only option and many other options can be found on the Internet.

Making a barbecue using welding

This method of assembly has no special differences from the non-welding option. The fundamental difference is that the connection of all parts to each other is carried out by welding. And there is no need to make various bends, the formation of grooves and mounting holes as for collapsible.

Welding is more often used for more thorough barbecues in the country and camp sites. For convenience, they are sometimes equipped with special places for firewood, a roof and other useful and pleasant little things.

Also consider a special case of manufacturing – a brazier from a gas cylinder.

The advantage of such a balloon is:

  • ease of construction;
  • cheapness;
  • sufficient wall thickness;
  • functionality;
  • mobility.


  • despite its mobility, it is still impossible to transfer it to one.

Features of making a barbecue

First of all, you need to completely get rid of the gas in the cylinder with a valve. To control the gas outlet, it is necessary to moisten the open valve with a soap solution. While the soap solution is bubbling, it means that the gas pressure inside the cylinder is not yet sufficient to proceed with further actions.

After you make sure that the pressure is equal to atmospheric, you need to turn the cylinder over, and pour out the remaining condensate, fill it with water for 2-3 days. It is advisable to pour water away from residential buildings, due to the fact that methane is characterized by a pungent odor.

The assembly stages are similar to its creation from sheet material with minor differences.

For the manufacture we will need:

  • adjustable wrench;
  • welding machine;
  • bulgarian;
  • 2-4 loops;
  • gloves;
  • a hammer;
  • rivets with rivet gun;
  • screwdriver;
  • chisel;
  • drill with drills from 10 to 14 mm;
  • metal pipes for legs and chimney;
  • 4 squares with an area of about 100 cm2 under the legs.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a barbecue from a gas cylinder:

Sawing. Perhaps this is the most important stage, because the aesthetic appearance of the future product depends on it. It is required to completely unscrew the valve using an adjustable wrench and cut it off with a grinder. It is recommended that all work with the grinder be carried out with direct watering with water to exclude the ignition of methane residues.

By welding, we attach the handles and the lid. We recommend using hinges whose connections are based on rivets. And then weld the loops to the balloon. The need for welding loops is associated with the influence of high temperatures, because if this is not done, then over time the rivets will disappear.

We install the legs. We saw them off to a length convenient for you and weld them to the bottom of the cylinder at an equivalent distance from the center. We forget to attach metal plates from the bottom of the legs to ensure stability on soft ground.

There is also another variant of the base. The process of creating it will be more time-consuming and consists of the following. A couple of strips of metal are taken, bent in an arc repeating the shape of the balloon and the legs are welded to its ends. Further, the legs are connected from below by a transverse bar. And at the end of creating the racks, we connect them together.

In order to avoid deformation during the cooking of meat, we weld two corners inside it to give great rigidity.

We drill about 14-18 holes with a diameter of about 12-18 mm in the lower part of the back to supply oxygen, so necessary for gorenje. And also on the edges we make inscriptions using a grinder.

In place of a large hole where the valve was removed, we mount the chimney pipe and weld it.

In this article, we have paid special attention to braziers made of metals, but many people make special stationary braziers made of bricks for themselves. You can find more details about the manufacture of such barbecues on the Internet. For example, we will give below a photo of ready-made barbecues made of bricks.

Photo of the barbecue with your own hands