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Barbecue with your own hands — step-by-step instructions with photos. Barbecue options made of different materials: brick, metal.

One of the most wonderful ways to spend weekends or holidays is considered to be outdoor recreation. Spending time outdoors is necessarily accompanied by active games, interesting conversations, and, of course, delicious food.

Cooking a barbecue, ribs or fish is considered an invariable part of a picnic, you can use standard folding barbecues on the road, but if you own a country house or a dacha, it will be much more convenient to install a barbecue oven on your site once, and it will serve as a favorite place for cooking delicious food on vacation for a long time.

If you have a question: "How to make a barbecue oven?", study the tips, instructions and recommendations set out below that will help you to build this structure simply and quickly on a plot of land.

The main advantage of this outdoor oven is its versatility, it will allow you to cook not only the usual barbecue in the fresh air, but also juicy steaks, steaks, bake any fish, various vegetables, dry mushrooms, berries, herbs, fruits, cook pilaf, soup, etc. Installing a barbecue in the country with a smokehouse will allow you to enjoy smoked meat, seafood or fish.

The design of the barbecue is an ideal combination of the main advantages of the grill, grill grate and smokehouse, which makes this oven as efficient and effective as possible:

  • it is equipped with a back wall, which makes it possible for hot air to be evenly distributed throughout the internal volume, to ensure that the optimal temperature is maintained inside;
  • the provided chimney perfectly copes with the removal of unnecessary smoke from the cooking place;
  • the gorenje process is carried out in a specially equipped furnace. This advantage makes the use of the oven safer, more protected and more durable;
  • it uses the created heat more efficiently, even at the end of the cooking process, the structure will be warm.

If you plan to install a barbecue in semi-enclosed gazebos or terraces, an additional advantage may be that the oven will heat the room, which will allow you to relax comfortably in nature even in the cold season.


There are a lot of barbecue options, everything will depend on the presence or absence of any elements in the design. Decide in advance what basic details and special devices the furnace under construction will be equipped with.

Basically, the design is complemented by:

  • built-in spit;
  • the enlarged open area of the furnace, this will create the illusion of a garden fireplace;
  • grate for frying;
  • a niche for installing a cauldron, a barbecue with a cauldron will allow you to cook a lot of delicious and interesting dishes in the fresh air;
  • a separate barbecue area;
  • a barbecue cooking facility;
  • cooking surface;
  • smokehouse, etc.

The most versatile and multifunctional option will be a design that includes all the listed items. To see how the ovens look, equipped in one way or another, you can study the photos of various barbecues made with your own hands, including two or three or all of these additions at once.

Preparation for construction

The first important step in the arrangement of the barbecue will be the choice of the place where the oven will be installed. When choosing a site for its placement, it is necessary to follow the following recommendations:

  • The distance from the structure to the house should not be too large, since the preparation of the dish will require repeated visits to the main kitchen for dishes, products, spices, etc.
  • Trees and shrubs should not grow near the hearth.
  • Take into account the prevailing wind direction on the site, the smoke from the furnace should not go towards the residential premises.

Next, you need to decide what the future structure will look like, draw, or pick up an approximate drawing of a barbecue on construction sites, in special magazines, determine its dimensions.

When building a design scheme, be sure to take into account the individual features of the landscape on the site, plan that the grill or any other main cooking surface of the barbecue is at a safe and convenient height for the cooking person.

Before the start of the furnace manufacturing process, be sure to decide on the design of the future structure, it is best that it be made in the same style with a country house, advantageously complement the overall design of the land plot.

In a large free space, you can place a large barbecue that combines various working areas, in a small area a compact oven with an optimal set of functions will look great.



Before starting work, it is necessary to prepare materials and tools that will be needed during construction. The answer to the question: "Which brick to choose for construction and installation work?" is simple: for laying out a barbecue, you will need two types of them: fireclay and facing.

The first type will be used for the arrangement of the furnace and all places that are in direct contact with the fire, the second – for the formation of the housing. To connect the bricks together, you need to prepare two types of mortar: for the areas that the flame will touch — clay, for the remaining places and facing — sand-cement.

In addition to the main raw materials, during the design process you will need:

  • crushed stone or gravel – they will serve as raw materials for the foundation of the furnace;
  • reinforced mesh;
  • boards – used to form the formwork;
  • doors for the furnace and the blower;
  • cooking surface with burners;
  • main grid;
  • the door for the chimney;
  • corners made of steel for floors;
  • roofing material;
  • bulgarian;
  • building level;
  • a hammer;
  • mallet;
  • container for mixing the solution;
  • shovel and bayonet shovels;
  • trowel;
  • buckets for water.

The list of things necessary for the construction is approximately compiled, it can be supplemented, or, conversely, reduced, depending on the individuality of the project and the functionality of the future furnace.

After preparing all the necessary materials and tools, the direct construction of the barbecue begins. The first stage of construction is characterized by the installation of the foundation. It must necessarily correspond to the dimensions of the furnace, the larger the structure is, the stronger the load applied to it will be.

You can pay attention to the option of a ribbon foundation, but a simpler, monolithic foundation is possible for a barbecue oven. To do this, it is necessary to dig a trench with a depth of 30-35 cm, completely fill it with a mixture of sand and gravel, or sand and crushed stone, tamp it tightly and pour water over it.

After the foundation is equipped, a formwork of boards is constructed, reinforced mesh is laid. Then you need to knead a concrete mortar from the following components: cement, gravel, crushed stone and water. The concrete is poured into the already installed formwork, and covered with polyethylene until completely solidified.

After the foundation is completely dry and hardens, waterproofing is installed on it by applying tar on it and laying roofing material on top.

Finally, you can start bricklaying. This should be done strictly according to the designed scheme. It must be remembered that those zones that will be in direct contact with the fire should be laid out with fireclay bricks, fastening it with clay-sand mortar, the remaining parts of the furnace are formed using facing bricks.

The main thing is to clearly follow the set scheme, observe the number of bricks laid in a row, do not forget that the mortar used for construction gives some shrinkage, therefore, every 5-7 brick rows laid out, it is necessary to take a break for at least a day, and only after this time start laying the next rows.

In fact, it is not so difficult to build a barbecue on your own site, as it seems at first glance. The main thing is to make a clear and detailed design of the future structure, a clear, step-by-step construction scheme, choose high-quality materials and tools for installation, spare no time and effort, treat the work process with great enthusiasm.

After devoting a few days to the construction, you will be able to enjoy delicious dishes for many years, which you will prepare with the help of a self–built barbecue oven.

Photo barbecue with your own hands