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Barbecue made of brick: drawings, photos, videos. Instructions on how to make a simple barbecue on the site?

How do you imagine a summer vacation in nature? Most often, the associations will be as follows: friends, bonfire, barbecue. For optimal use of resources and space on your site, of course, only a barbecue is suitable.

Everything in a person's life goes by optimization, so the recreation area is no exception! It is much easier to build a stationary, safe and convenient barbecue on the site, so as not to break your head in the future. Therefore, it is not surprising that such a solution for a country house is the most popular.

To choose exactly what your hearth will be on the site, you need to approach wisely, because there are several types of brick barbecues: year-round operation, with the function of a smokehouse, with a foundation.

There are several very important parameters for the improvement of a convenient recreation area. As a rule, a barbecue for a country house is the "heart" of a landscape solution. So:

  • The chosen area should be protected from wind and dust, this is important when cooking. It is also not advisable to irritate neighbors with smoke, and in some cases the smoke may also be combustible.
  • The surface for the construction of a brick barbecue must be leveled
  • It is better if the distance to communications is not great (water, electricity)they will be useful to you when using a barbecue
  • To increase the service life, the grill is best placed under a canopy, in a gazebo. Precipitation quickly destroys materials, degrades the appearance of the grill
  • The ergonomic arrangement of furniture items will facilitate the cooking process and ensure the joy of spending time together with the company
  • It is better to place plants and beds that are important to the heart away. The temperature is not always favorable for plants

After you have weighed all the pros and cons, evaluated and selected a place to stay. You can view photos of brick barbecues and start choosing a project.

Barbecue design

The big plus of a brick barbecue is versatility. Often the design allows you to use it as a barbecue, roaster, spit and grill. With the correct layout of the grill, its capabilities increase. Often an additional bonus is the opportunity to smoke products or use the hearth as a tandoor.

You can diversify the design with additional niches for storing firewood, dishes, accessories. It is very convenient to have a sink and a workplace for cutting meat at hand when cooking food.

Often it is necessary to organize a blowout. Do not forget about the canopy, for a comfortable stay. It should also take into account the presence of lighting, which contributes to a good rest and comfortable work.

When choosing materials, it is better to consider:

  • High temperatures (gorenje vary depending on the type of wood)
  • Temperature differences (unpredictable natural conditions are also taken into account)

For example, you should choose a specialized brick-refractory. Silicate species are not functional under such temperature loads.

In fact, many drawings of barbecues can be found on the Internet. Most often, in order to find the right option, you will have to process a mountain of information. For a perfect project, you will probably have to combine several variations of drawings. Individual elements that you like are easily cooperated and thus the project becomes individual.

It is best to draw a sketch at scale for orientation on the terrain. It is advisable to take the size of the brick as a measure so that you do not have to cut. With a functional drawing, it will be easy for you to count the number of materials.

Independent construction of a barbecue

Wherever your imagination takes you, the main stages of construction of all brick barbecues are the same, plus or minus. It is worth considering the depth of the niches and the dimensions of the metal elements purchased in the future. So, how to make a barbecue with your own hands:


Marking on the ground can be easily carried out with the help of pegs and twine. We dig the foundation pit with a margin of 5 cm from each edge. The pit should have a uniform depth, without differences.

Then we close the bottom with slag, after which we install the formwork around the perimeter. We reinforce with metal, knit a frame or lay heavy iron with a grid. Then we fill everything with concrete. It may take more than three days to solidify.

Laying out a brick wall

It is desirable to pour a screed on the concrete foundation base, leveling the floor level. After that, we lay waterproofing, for example, roofing material. The walls are placed on a regular mortar in one brick.

Often you can notice reinforcement with metal rods. Do not forget about the beauty, the walls should be aligned to the level, we remove the excess solution in time, we do not retreat from the project. When creating arches, you need to remember about symmetry.

The draft depends on the height of the furnace. It is important to think in advance and not forget about the supply of all communications (water, light, sewerage) at the construction stage. After the most time-consuming process, the next stage is to place the same communications. As a result, we get a ready-made, rational and individual solution to your taste.

But the composition will not be complete without a canopy or roof. If the gazebo is not planned around the hearth, then a canopy is necessary for the durability of the barbecue and a comfortable stay at work on cooking.

The roof structure can be any, there are no restrictions. The main thing is expediency, safety and compliance with the general style of landscape organization of the site.

It is better to cover large planes with materials resistant to temperature. For example, metal tiles and polycarbonate are widely used. Non-combustible material, easy to install, has high decorative properties.

Often, roof structures are supplemented with decorative elements, forged or gypsum rosettes, fences and flower beds. After the barbecue with the roof is ready, it is worth ennobling the ways of approach to such a beautiful place. It is possible to pave paths or arrange flower beds so that the eye rejoices and you rest with a "clear conscience".

Another popular solution for improving the idea of a barbecue in modern conditions is the device of a smokehouse.

Barbecue with smokehouse

For a smokehouse, the device of the furnace is important — below ground level, which should be taken into account at the planning stage. It is also worth considering that all rows of bricks in the smokehouse should be tied up, the chimney often serves as a closed trench.

Of course, only enthusiasts are interested in such subtleties, as construction becomes more complicated and an ordinary barbecue becomes a two- or three-level structure. However, all the efforts are worth it, because it costs a lot to decorate the table with smoked game or fish.

Subtleties of the chimney deviceIf you plan to use the grill as a grill / barbecue / smokehouse, you need to think in advance where and what elements are removed so as not to interfere with the draft.

  • It is better to build a chimney from full-fledged bricks, this reduces the risk of malfunctions and accidents from overheating.
  • We advise you to cover the chimney with a canopy for proper functioning.
  • Use only non-flammable materials. If there is a canopy, it can be impregnated with special solutions.
  • The smoke collector can be made metal, this will facilitate the design.
  • With a complex structure of arches, a circle is used in the construction of the barbecue.

In conclusion

A good owner will say with confidence that for the construction of even such a complex at first glance structure as a barbecue made of brick, you only need a desire. With an abundance of information and the prevalence of all materials, anyone can build a barbecue. By putting in it exactly the functionality that is needed. Go ahead!

Photo of a brick barbecue