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Backyard — original ideas of stylish arrangement of the territory (95 photos)

Even though the warm season is already far behind, most owners of country houses continue to cherish ideas about decorating their plots. A few decades ago, these ideas and thoughts were directly related to the use of the household territory for sowing and harvesting. Now, the owners of summer and country estates have changed their orientation from a labor camp to a place for family holidays.

In this article we will look at photos of the backyard views, get acquainted with design solutions that can be applied. We will select the simplest concepts for the design of the given type of area.

If you own a private or suburban mansion, then you have an idea that the design of the area adjacent to the dwelling is as important as the arrangement of the interior space of the house.

Everyone has heard about the term "landscape design", even residents of remote villages. But not everyone will agree to exchange the harmonious placement of flower beds for an artificial fountain or pond.

The inhabitants of private houses prefer a beautiful but versatile backyard design. Therefore, in order for your efforts to turn into an eye-pleasing picture, you need to approach the planning of the square with seriousness.

At the same time, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to improve the surrounding area, only a small fraction of your free time will be enough.

In order for a beautiful backyard to please your eyes for more than one year, you need to find time to support all buildings, furniture, and reservoirs in order.

The courtyard of a country house is a nearby square that welcomes both owners and guests. It is safe to say that the first impression of the owners is formed from the very first minutes, as soon as they approach the exit to the backyard or infield.

Before you design the backyard of a private house, think about what the concept of beauty is for you? Visualize the desired result, and focus on what is important to you: practicality in use, staying in it, or the attractiveness and splendor of the design?

Pay attention to your lifestyle, the presence of children or animals, the frequency of meetings with friends, the organization of parties. The selection of details and elements of the courtyard interior depends on the answers to these questions and on personal preferences.

If you take into account all sorts of nuances at the initial stage, then in the future, you will save a considerable amount of money and time for changing, refining and straightening the design of the backyard.

The main condition on which your landscape design depends is the size of the plot. If the area is large, then the only thing that will limit the flight of your fantasies will be the lack of a large amount of money. Important in planning is the type of soil, placement in relation to the cardinal directions.

If you have a small-sized plot, it is important not to "clutter" it with unnecessary details and use every available square meter with aesthetic benefit. Therefore, it is necessary to determine priorities, because it is impossible to arrange a place for a hammock, barbecue, playground on several square meters.

Having decided and chosen the best option, we go to recreate the practical part, that is, the placement of all elements and objects. Professional designers advise to divide the space into squares-segments, each of which will contain a certain detail (flower beds, ponds, furniture, gazebos) for the best and rational use of space.

Using this technique, the entire area will be evenly filled with various buildings or decorations in the form of flower beds, which will create a harmonious appearance of the backyard.

Before starting construction work, we check the condition of the soil, if we find a place of accumulation of water, we lay a drainage system (drainage).

At the same time, all the work is underway to place all the mechanisms necessary for the full operation of artificial reservoirs, fountains and vegetation irrigation.

Tile paths, steps

Garden trails are a mandatory part of every country house. In addition to the main one — safe movement, they also perform secondary, but important functions – dividing the area into zones, decorating the territory. When laying out the path, concrete slabs, flat stones, cobblestones are used, or simply covered with a large amount of pebbles, while fencing off with a low curb.

By creating combinations of the above materials, it is possible to get not only the desired practicality, but also a wonderful decoration of any backyard.

Hermetic forms and landscape design are things that are closely related to each other. Someone finds harmony in the smoothness of contours, lines, rounded bushes or flower beds, while another prefers strictness - straight garden paths, square–shaped bushes, trimmed as if "under a ruler".

As they say: "There is no companion for taste and color," because it depends only on you what the decor of this site will be and only you know what will bring harmony to your soul.

Planting vegetation in flower pots or flowerbeds should be planned so that the flowering of some varieties is followed by the flowering of others.  In this scenario, the backyard will be able to please you and your loved ones with a bright floral range for a long time.

If your terrain is represented by humps, hills — do not rush to level them and harm the environment, just create artificial embankments and align their bevels. Also, so that there is not such a noticeable difference between the hills and the lowlands, attach neat steps that will focus all attention on yourself.

Fountains and ponds in the backyard

In rare cases, landscape design in oriental style does without the presence of any water sources (pond, fountain). As you know, all European landscape design specialists are inspired by the Oriental style, which brings harmony with the surrounding and spiritual world.

Eastern sages believe that water is the source of life, and in a bag with earth symbolizes balance, harmony, unity.

It is not easy to build an artificial reservoir, it is necessary to resort to the help of professionals, who in turn will study the features of the site, select a suitable place, conduct all the necessary communications for reservoirs.

All the money spent, time and efforts invested will pay for themselves, at the moment when you will watch the splashing of fish in the pond or be pacified by the noise of water in the fountain.

Fire pit

Every modern backyard must have a fire bowl, where you can gather a large company, chat, barbecue or fried marshmallows. It will not be difficult to create such a corner, but it is difficult to convey in words how much good mood it will bring.

To create a fire bowl, you need to buy the bowl itself and chairs, curved benches in the store.  You don't have to buy benches, you can build them yourself using several meters of iron mesh and medium-sized stones. Such improvised "shops" will not leave anyone aside.

Backyard photo