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Arbors made of wood — design ideas and instructions for building with your own hands from different materials (140 photos)

It's a great feeling when the family gathers in the fresh air on a weekend or after a hard weekday. Therefore, no plot with a house can do without a garden gazebo. In summer, it will hide you from the sun's rays, in autumn you can hide from the rains.

The most frequent gazebos built of wood. Having the necessary material and tools, it will not be difficult to build a gazebo with your own hands, taking into account the wishes of your household.

And so, you are going to build a garden gazebo on your own on your site, do not know where to start? First, decide on the tool that you will need:

  • Circular saw and stuslo;
  • Electric plane;
  • Chisel, hammer;
  • Electric jigsaw;
  • Work table;
  • Ladder;
  • Roulette, level;
  • Drill with drills.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a garden gazebo

Determine the place of construction. Choose a place so that the gazebo fits your landscape, and the view from it is pleasing to the eye. Do not choose a place close to buildings where animals live.

Choose the design of a garden gazebo. There are many photos of arbors made of wood on the Internet that will help you decide on the design. Draw a plan for the future recreation area. If you don't want to waste time on this, then you can find a large number of photos of arbors made of wood on the Internet. It will not be difficult to choose the necessary design.

Foundation. The easiest way to design a floor covering is to lay paving slabs. Today, manufacturers of paving slabs offer a huge selection. A more complex and high-quality option on a pile foundation.

Before proceeding to the foundation, it is necessary to clear the territory where the gazebo will be built. We mark up the size of the building, place the stakes around the perimeter and cover with a thread. Dig pits, the depth of which should be at least 1/4 the height of the beams for the gazebo. The distance between the pits will depend on the size of your gazebo.

At the bottom of the dug holes, we fill up the crushed stone, fill it with water and carefully tamper it. We pour the cement mixture and leave it until it dries completely, as a rule, it takes about a month.

If your gazebo is supposed to be large, fill an additional column in the middle, this will prevent the deflection of the floorboards. The resulting support pillars should be 10 centimeters above the ground.

We lay out the floor logs so that the floor would be strong enough. In order to have good ventilation under it, it is necessary to fix the floor logs above the ground. We attach floorboards to the logs, we leave a distance of 1-2 mm between them, this will make the floors ventilated, respectively, they will last longer.

If you decide to nail the boards, then first you need to drill holes for them, this will prevent them from cracking.

Vertical, main supports. We install vertical bars on the support pillars, check the evenness with the construction level. You can fix them with the help of slats. When installing vertical beams, it is necessary to take into account the type of roof, whether it is inclined or not.

Longitudinal bars. After leveling the transverse bases. It is necessary to connect them with longitudinal bars. It is necessary to strengthen them, with cross or cross bars.

Next, we make the upper binding, which will also be the base for the roof. For the necessary strength, it is recommended to connect it with vertical bars with metal corners.

Roof. The roof frame is assembled on the ground, then we lift it and lay it on the base. Having assembled and installed the truss system in its place, we cover it with roofing material. Be sure to take into account the overhang in the roof, on your gazebo, otherwise, in rainy weather, water will flow into it.

Railings. The railing in the gazebo is installed at a height of 1-1.5 m from the floor connecting the transverse bars along the perimeter. Next, we sew up the space between the floor and the railing, solid material or a lattice made of wood. The sewn bottom of the gazebo will protect you from the wind inside.

Decoration gazebo

This is the last and no less interesting stage in the construction of a gazebo with your own hands. We sew up the part between the rafters and the railing. Most often it is sewn with a mesh, not necessarily made of metal, it can also be made of plastic or wood. We fix it from the outside by pressing it against the rafters and railings with wooden slats.

If you decide to sheathe the ceiling, then it can be done with plywood that does not let moisture through. If you want to leave the roof as it is, then all the rafters must be planed in advance. Paint or varnish for wood will also not look bad. Read also about canopies.

Perennial climbing plants are also an excellent decoration of the gazebo. They need to be planted around the perimeter of the gazebo. They will not only decorate your building, but also give the recreation area natural protection from the sun.

The same shade can be obtained with the help of curtains. But for the winter season, it is better to remove them, thereby you will extend their service life.

Lattice made of wood

There are often gazebos sheathed over the railings with trellises made of wood. It's not difficult to do it yourself. To do this, you will need 20X40 mm bars. Connect the bars with self-tapping screws or special glue on wood.

In order for the ends to be sufficiently closed, you will need 10X20 mm slats, which must be mounted inside the frame.

Assembling a lattice made of wood

The main jewelry work on making a wooden lattice in the gazebo is filling the frame. The rails should be placed diagonally at exactly the same distance, you adjust the frequency of placement yourself, it depends on your wishes.

The last stage is the assembly of the lattice for the gazebo. We clean it with sandpaper and treat it with a protective agent to increase the service life, it can be either varnish or paint.

Table in a wooden gazebo

In any gazebo, a table is needed at which all family members will gather. Depends on the size of your gazebo, buy a table or do it yourself. On the Internet you can find a lot of information on creating tables with your own hands according to individual sizes.

It is not necessary that the table should be rectangular or square in shape, now tables of irregular and non-standard shape are increasingly in demand.

Attention! Use some tips when building a simple gazebo for a summer house:

Before using wood in construction, it is necessary to treat it from various pests and for resistance to weather conditions. Yacht varnish will cope with this task better than anything else. Its structure withstands any weather vagaries.

Any actions with wood material are carried out only according to the labels and the necessary risks. When making any markings on the not yet processed material, keep in mind that drying and warping will change it in size. If the tree is already dry, then you can not leave the material for the allowance.

Despite all the positive aspects of arbors made of wood, they also have negative sides:

Fire-hazardous, in order to exclude a fire in your recreation area, treat the building material with a special impregnation. Try not to use the barbecue next to the gazebo.

Weak resistance to rotting, this can be triggered by finding a gazebo next to a pond or a large amount of rain. To prevent this, it is also necessary to treat it with waterproofing agents.

Photos of arbors made of wood