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Annual flowers — bright, unpretentious and blooming plants all summer (100 photos)

Colored paints always lift the mood, so the owners of private houses and cottages decorate their plots with flower beds and flower beds. After all, a variety of flowers blooming all summer, please the eyes of both the owner and others. Colorful plantings transform your garden, enliven it. And thanks to the use of annual flowers, you will be able to change the appearance of your plot annually, experiment with the sizes, shapes and location of flower beds.

And the abundance of types of flowers, which is available for sale in any store for gardeners, allows you to choose suitable options even for the most demanding landscape designers.

Annual flowers are more convenient for landscaping than perennials. With their help, flower plantings of various shapes are easily created, which create interesting and luxurious landscapes on the plots. How to plant them?

Most often , the following types of plantings are formed from plants that bloom only for a year:

  • flowerbed;
  • modular flower garden;
  • mixborder.


A flowerbed is a plant composition that has a clear outline of shape and boundaries. The classic shape of a flower bed is a circle, square or rhombus, but if desired, other shapes can be used.

When creating flowerbeds of annual flowers for the cottage, it is allowed to use a variety of plant species. In this case, the ornament is created only on one plane.

Modular flower garden

Recently, the arrangement of modular flower beds has become increasingly popular. This name is understood as a kind of flower beds when plants are planted in containers. Such compositions look quite impressive and original.

It is allowed to use any containers, you determine their size and shape yourself. An important advantage of a modular flower garden is mobility. Thanks to this, it is possible to form different compositions from such flower containers, transfer them to another place in whole or in part.

It is worth noting that only blooming annual flowers are used for modular compositions.


Mixborders are a kind of flowerbeds in several levels. Often plants are planted in blocks. It is important to choose the types of colors so that the blocks have different heights and colors. In such a multi-level composition, at the end of the flowering period of one species, it is replaced by a second one.

Mixborders are actively used by landscape designers, because they look spectacular, much more interesting than the usual flowerbeds.

Choosing the varieties correctly

Any catalog of annual flowers offers a fairly wide selection of seeds for every taste. But if you decide to add several annual crops to the perennial inhabitants of your flower bed, or to form a fully blooming planting of these plants, you need to know important nuances that will help you make the right choice.

When buying seeds, you need to pay attention to three main factors:

  • in what period does flowering occur;
  • places to land;
  • color assortment.

Annual varieties often have a fairly long flowering period. But at the same time, each flower ripens at its intended time. Early-flowering spring varieties include petunia, begonia, pelargonium. With the onset of June, the cornflower, marigolds, and marigold buds will open.

In order for your garden to be full of colors until the very late autumn, it is better to give preference to asters, snapdragons, calendula. These plants are quite hardy and will delight the eye until the arrival of the first frost.

An important aspect when choosing the necessary varieties is to determine the place where they will grow. After all, each flower has its own characteristics (straight, bush-like or curly) and the height of the stems.

When you design front gardens, choose low-growing varieties of flowers (marigolds, nasturtium, cornflowers). They rise quite a bit above the surface of the soil, so they create the effect of a bright living rug.

For the improvement of fences, gazebos and other vertical surfaces, crops that curl well are needed. The ideal choice for this purpose will be varieties of decorative curly beans, sweet peas or ipomoea.

To fill a container for a modular flower garden, choose flowers with bush-like stems, for example, petunias, begonias, geraniums. Several of these flowers will fill the entire surface of the container.

Remember that an annual flower loves the sun very much. Therefore, when planning their location, choose places that are as open as possible to sunlight.

In order for flower beds and other flower plantings to look perfect, it is necessary to choose the right color scheme. This aspect needs to be thought out in advance, and after viewing the photos of annual flowers in the catalog, choose the appropriate ones. Remember that excessive diversity will not be a plus, all shades should be combined harmoniously.

Varieties of stunted annuals

Low-growing flowers include flowers whose stem height does not exceed thirty centimeters. Such cultures are distinguished by special elegance. Most often, the seeds of annual flowers of "small stature" are sown in the gaps between tall bushes of perennial varieties (roses, lilies) to hide the empty soil.

If necessary, decorate the rockery, rock garden and other decorative elements of the landscape, it is worth giving preference to the shortest representatives of flowering plants.

The ideal choice is Iberis, which blooms throughout the summer with elegant white clouds. This category also includes nemophiles of light blue color, night violets with a bright and strong aroma, as well as a dwarf viola.

If you need beautiful, but unpretentious flowers, pay attention to silvery cellosia, phlox, lobelia and forget-me-nots.

Medium and high grades

Flowers with a stem length of up to eighty centimeters are considered to be of average height. Often the names of annual flowers of this category are found in the recommendations for creating the basis of a mixed flowerbed and other flowering plantings.

Their assortment is perhaps the widest, including such crops as poppies, antirinnum, verbena, salvia. Extremely beautiful, as well as unpretentious in care, are mattiola, esholzia, cosmea.

Tall flowers will also look spectacular in general compositions on their own. These include plants with a length of one and a half meters. Adding dahlias, amaranth, fragrant tobacco, aruncus, and datura can add originality to the mixborder.

You can decorate a green lawn with delphinium and hollyhocks. These plants look perfect in "solo" plantings, or as filling in the background of a flowerbed.

Annual flowers are actively used to create various landscape compositions. You can plant their seeds directly into the soil, and if it is necessary to bloom earlier, it is better to take seedlings. But remember that you need to select them in accordance with each other so that the resulting composition is harmonious.

Photos of annual flowers