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A house for children: how to make a beautiful and stylish house with your own hands. 70 photos and projects

To get out to the country after a busy working day, perhaps, is the cherished dream of every adult resident of a megalopolis or a large industrial center.  But unlike parents, children are not always enthusiastic about such trips. Little tomboys, torn out of their habitual habitat, very often cannot find something to their liking. And instead of the planned pleasant pastime, all family members are waiting for additional nervous shocks.

What to do with the kids so that outdoor recreation brings only positive emotions? A wonderful solution in this case is to build a playhouse for children in the country. Such a structure will surely please every little man.

And in order for the kid to feel like the rightful owner of the personal space, you attract him to all stages of construction.

The construction of any object begins with the development of technical documentation, and the children's house is no exception. Of course, you will not need a full package of documents, but you will have to make a sketch and preliminary drawings to calculate the necessary materials.

Besides, it's always easier to build if you know exactly what you want to get in the end. Consult with the child, discuss in advance how he sees the future house. Windows, doors, roof, wall color – all this is of great importance for the baby.

Decorative items will not be superfluous either:

  • weather vane:
  • golden cockerel;
  • carved shutters.

Such little things delight the kids.

If financial opportunities and professional skills allow, make a two-story house. An impromptu descent in the form of a slide, could there be anything more attractive for children.

Look at the provided photos of houses for children. Surely you will find an option that will serve as an example for inspiration:

  • gymnastic wall;
  • rope;
  • rope ladder;
  • rings.

All these devices instill in the baby a love of sports. However, do not forget about safety precautions and be sure to take into account the age of the child.

For younger kids, it will not be superfluous to arrange a sandbox. Perhaps the kid imagines himself as a captain of a long voyage? A house in the form of a ship is an ideal option. A medieval fortress or a fairy-tale castle? Or maybe a tent house for a future polar explorer?  Today you can realize any wish of a child.

Having drawn a preliminary sketch of a children's house, you will know in advance what materials and in what quantity you will need for construction.

Choosing a place to build

Having decided on the design of the structure, and having discussed everything to the smallest detail with the baby, you can start choosing a place for construction. At this stage, most parents ask a reasonable question: "Where is it better to place a playhouse on the site"?

First of all, it is necessary to choose a platform that is clearly visible from any part of the suburban area, as well as from the windows of the house, in order to be able to freely watch the children play.

You should not give preference to sunny, open areas. It is better if at the moment when the sun is at its zenith, the house will be covered by a thick shadow cast by trees growing nearby.

It is desirable that the children's house is located away from the outdoor pool and well. Vegetable beds and flower beds are also not the best neighborhood with a children's playground. A child who has played too much does not differ in increased attention and accuracy, which means it is necessary to exclude all possible risks.

Rarely do weekends pass without cooking kebabs or smoking fish. If your family is no stranger to such a tradition, try to arrange a playhouse for children in the country away from the playground with a smokehouse and barbecue.

Than you should be

Wooden beams, thin boards, lining are the best materials for building a house for children with their own hands. These materials are easily processed, quickly mounted and do not pose a danger to the health and life of the baby.

In addition, they are not subject to severe deformation under the influence of precipitation, ultraviolet rays and temperature changes. To connect the bars into a single structure, you will need nails, self-tapping screws for wood and connecting corners.

Absolutely any materials will be suitable as a roof covering:

  • slate;
  • ondulin;
  • metal tile;
  • roofing material;
  • roofing.

Perhaps some of this remained in your household after the construction of the country house, which means that additional costs will not be required.

Electric tools are the real assistants of the modern master. They not only facilitate the construction process, but also help to save a significant amount of time.

  • drill;
  • grinding machine;
  • plane;
  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw;
  • a hammer.
  • roulette
  • building level

Step by step instructions

Mark the site for construction. Drive a wooden peg into each corner of the future building and pull the twine between them. Align the pad. If necessary, remove the top layer of soil and fill the base with sand or gravel.

The safety of the child, first of all. This means that all the elements for the construction of the house, including the boards for the cladding, support and strapping bars must be absolutely smooth. Before starting the installation work, treat all wooden parts with a plane or a grinding machine to eliminate the slightest possibility of injury.

To preserve the integrity of the house as long as possible, treat the wooden elements with antiseptic and antibacterial compounds.

If the width of the walls of the children's house does not exceed 2 m, then it is quite enough to place only 4 support beams at the corners of the structure.

Dig small pits for the racks. Install the support bars, align them strictly vertically and fill the pits with soil, crushed stone or gravel. Carefully seal the earth around the pillars. Don't forget to use the construction level.

Mount the upper and lower strapping. Be sure to observe the horizontal lines. Don't forget about the front door and windows. Even for such a small house, slopes are a necessity. Place them in the upper and lower parts of the building to make the house as safe as possible for games.

Install the logs and stuff the floorboards at the base. Mount the ceiling ceiling. Now you can start assembling the rafter system. The frame of the house is ready, it remains to sheathe it with clapboard or a thin board. Cover the roof slopes with suitable material.

Of course, the structure of natural wood is very beautiful, but for kids such a design is unlikely to be acceptable. Therefore, painting the house in bright, attractive colors is the next step. Install decorative elements on the building. Bring the necessary interior items into the house. Everything is ready!

Such a wooden house for children will serve faithfully for more than one year. So you can not worry that the kids will have nothing to do in nature.

Photo of a house for children